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Radioman2531 asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

LITTLE LEAGUE baseball..players/coaches??

if you played little league b ball, what else did you learn besides baseball? if u r a coach, what do you try to teach ur players b sides b ball??

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    I love this question. Please bear with me on this one, the topic of Little League baseball enthuses me into rants at times.

    .My roots and everything that realistically encapsulizes ME is deeply entrenched in Little League baseball. I'm 33. After an athletically promising but acedemically dismal college baseball and football experience, I returned to my hometown of Bristol Rhode Island and coached Senior Babe Ruth Baseball (13-15) and Pop Warner football. I was only four years older than some of my players (19). For my rotary team I drafted guys who other teams passed on because they had long hair, painted nails, a rastafarian dad, family issues with drugs and alchohol, divorces, might not be at all the games because of gymnatics, their older brother was a "punk", they were a "punk", they were a little "wierd if you know what I mean", scary because they were too quiet, scary because they were too loud, add, adhd, you name it. My beloved boys came from every background concievable, which was really cool, and COULD HAVE been real disastrous. I probably looked a bit intimidating to these guys as I approached the dugout to lay down the ground rules at our first practice. A 6'1" 255lb scary dude with veins and muscles bulging out of his Iona College Football t-shirt. I think I taught them my greatest lesson that day. I kept it way shorter than this response. I said.

    "Every single one of you on this bench is there because, even for a few hours at tryouts I like something you did playing baseball or interacting with people. Your not here because someone made me take you. You are all my guys, your Rotary. I have only three rules and they apply on and off this field. Respect yourselves. Respect this game . Respect each other. Whether you did before or not. Do this and you'll have the most enjoyably year and team of your life." I let them know that they did't necessaerily need to be the league choirboys either and that I was far from it They could also come to me with anything at all 24/7.

    I hate to go all "Bad News Bears" on you, the Rotary misfit toys not only won games, we won with style, we had fun with each other but always kept "respect" and "us" as our mantras. It was funny because our teams had so much personality and flavor that we always had the most people coming to our games . We appointed our catcher Matt Faria's little brother Mitchell as bat boy/mascot. Mat wouldn't have made a lot of games and practices because he had to pull extensive baby sitting duties with Mitch. As it turns out Mitch was the bench's most vocal contributor. He hated umpires. He kept the guys laughing all the time, a true mascot. Player from other teams, ages watched us play. Brothers. Sisters. Family of all make model and color. Girls. Parents that hadn't been to their kids games in years were coming, getting along with other parents, having a genuinely good time, interacting. We played in a war of a championship series that year against FOP that first year lost in deciding game by 1. It really didn't bother us as much as we thought it might.

    I'm now 33, I live in Tucson Arizona, and do you want to know where I met my best friends, ALL my friends? Rotary. Little League. My old ballplayers. I travel cross country to visit. I spend EVERY holiday, all day on the phone. That's one thing great about Little League in this horrendously rambling message. You meet friends for life, you watch people grow from boys into men into dads, you grow with them ,you graduate with them, and in the process you get to play baseball-what a deal! And maybe you continue the process teaching the next generation. A couple of us now have young kids who undoubtedly will have sleep overs waking to Saturday morning swimming and Satrday afternoon baseball. Yes it is my life. Live it, sleep it, breathe it. If you are a Little League player now, cherish this time, and try to picture a teammate of your at 33 years old, still your "6" in the "4-6-3". Maybe in business. Golf. At the barbeque. Stay young at heart. Have the time of your life.

    Thank you Kyle Toste, Corey Ventura, Robert Henchey, Matt Faria, Mike Faria, Mitch Faria, Jarrod Pacheco, Jared Medieros, Kevin Bouchard, John Truuver, Sean Gustafson, Jay DiRobbio, the LaFleurs, the Campbells, and all my other beloved little brothers of Rotary for being who you are, brothers!

    Love, your coach always,

    Doct-ahh Natedawgg

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  • Tonya
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Light, Joyful, fun read! It says that a poet may write on any subject, and be involved in any event, especially those linked to parent-child relationship. Some (including myself) 'd say it's a song, or sounds more like it. For me, I've always thought that a song is a poem that can be sung-- like this piece.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Learned not to quit, not to cry...persistence - trying to solve a good pitcher takes persistence

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