time served in jail harris county tx?

my son got 6 months in harris county detention center jail not juvey. the lawyer said that he would only half to serve half of that with good behavior. does any one know if and how it works i guess its like 2 days for every one day that you are good. the judge did not say anything about this all he said was 6 months. we are new to this and dont know what to beleive or who else to ask. so if you know anything about this. please reply

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    1 decade ago
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    Harris county jails are so overcrowded that there are prisoners sleeping on the floors. To allow them to say that they got a conviction and that the person went to jail, they shuffle them through as quickly as possible by awarding "credits" for good behavior. Therefore, it is true that six months does not mean 180 days. But it looks good on paper.

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    Jails have so many people in them that that can't house the small time criminals. On a six month sentence he will be out in 2.5 months next time you see or hear from him tell him to keep his nose clean and he will get out early.

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