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How to cover up bruises on your face?

So I got hit with a freezer door at work night before last and now I have 3 bruises on my face and a swollen/black eye.

How can I make the bruises and the eye less noticeable?


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    Do NOT, under any circumstances, use a yellow concealer on blue. Yellow DOES NOT "cancel out" the blue. All it will do is make the blue look green. If you want to get rid of bruises (or even dark circles under eyes) use a salmon colored concealer. The salmon color is more of a natural color and will cancel out any blues. Take a look at a color wheel showing the colors of a color spectrum. Blue is opposite of orange, not yellow. Also, make sure the concealer is one to two shades lighter than your foundation.

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  • To lessen swelling, place a cold cucumber slice on the affected area. Obviously, don't place the cucumber slice *in* your eye but on the swollen tissue surrounding your eye.

    To cover the bruising, choose a concealer in the opposite color of the bruise. Most bruises are purple, and the color opposite to purple is yellow. Thus, a yellow concealer is your best bet if the bruise is purplish.

    Good luck with your healing.

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    I'm sorry about your grandpa. Heres a good way to cover up bruises. •start with using a liquid coverup that matches her skin tone (you can get some at walmart, try covergirl) •get some makeup sponges (which you can most likely get at walmart too, they're white and triangular shaped) •apply, and viola! (it may not cover up everything. bruises are a tricky things to make disappear) Good luck. :)

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    there are different kinds of concealers for different purposes. In the case of a bruise you would want to cover it with a yellow concealer to balance out the blue then apply a foundation over the top. yellow colored concealer is normally used for under-eye circles.

    A vitamin-k cream can help to break up the bruise faster. These creams are normally used for leg veins.

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    arnica gel to heal

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