What can get a staff infection out of the bone without amputation?

I have a disease similar to diabeties and sclerodurma and renauds syndrome. the doctors want to call it the cameron's disease. Whenever i get a little cut it will most likely get infected with staff or strep. The doctors give me medicine to get rid of the infection however most of the time it gets into the bone. The doctors then treat me with antibiotics then are forced to amputate whereever the infection was/is. I am thankfull that it is only my fingers and toe that are affected. At this time they tend to keep on getting shorter and shorter. So after all tht i was just curious if ratation therapy will kill the infection rather than loosing more ane more appendiges.

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    Once osteomyelitis sets in in is ALMOST impossible to cure.

    Very few antibiotics get into bone (where the infection is) very well. Depending on the clinical situation, a trial of IV antibiotics may be warranted. However, the odd aren't good.

    Best of luck.

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    The Vac closed drainage system is wonderful. Otherwise known as Negative Pressure Wound Therapy. If there are no vital arteries, sutures or veins exposed. It is changed every 3 days and is a closed system decreasing the inoculation of new microbes into the wound. It generally facilitates healing as well. An infection at the level of the bone generally must be treated with IV antibiotics. good luck and god bless

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    I live in the USA. I know that Maggot Therapy has been a very effective proven method to rid drug resistant skin and bone infections. This therapy is most commonly done in America and the United Kingdom. Here is a link to doctors around the world whom practice this. If you need further links I can get them for you. Many people have forgone amputation and have had total healing of their wounds from this proven method!!! God Bless you! Here's a source to begin with:


    If you live in Malaysia, it looks like you could contact with further questions:

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    I do not know if any radiation treatments of osteomyelitis.

    The quickest and most sure cure of osteomyelitis is removal of the infection by surgery.

    It can also be treated by iv antibiotics for at least 6 weeks, but this does not always work and the infection may still spread during treatment.

    I wish you luck.

    Source(s): Podiatris that treats many bone infection with both antibiotics and surgery.
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    you can not, but taking an antibiotic will make it un-active. but you will always have it. you would not want to amputate just do to staff, staff infection is in your body fluids.

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    you would have to have a culture and sensitivity on the infection...here are some of the antibiotics that they use for MRSA infection..

    MRSA treatments

    Vancomycin, Teicoplanin, Zyvox (linezolid)



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    treatment at the hospital!

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