Does radiation kill a staff or strep infection?

I have a disease similar to diabeties and sclerodurma and renauds syndrome. the doctors want to call it the cameron's disease. Whenever i get a little cut it will most likely get infected with staff or strep. The doctors give me medicine to get rid of the infection however most of the time it gets into the bone. The doctors then treat me with antibiotics then are forced to amputate whereever the infection was/is. I am thankfull that it is only my fingers and toe that are affected. At this time they tend to keep on getting shorter and shorter. So after all tht i was just curious if ratation therapy will kill the infection rather than loosing more ane more appendiges.

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    Radiation would cause neutropenia. That would put you at risk for all kinds of opportunistic infections and make the infections you are already getting higher risk.

    You need to make sure that your blood sugar is under control and check yourself regularly for cuts to try and catch and treat them before they infect the bone. Also, make sure you are seeing a podiatrist as recommended for diabetics.

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    Oh boy you are short changed. You need to control you sugar on a very strict basis. Addition of Scleroderma and Reynaud's, makes it worse. The radiation will make your immunity go down and it must be avoided esp in your case. Your best choice is to control your sugar very strictly and protect you skin and avoid big changes of temperature.

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    nicely, for me, i grew to become into born with undesirable tonsils. I had mine bumped off whilst i grew to become into 3 years previous. I nevertheless might get the conventional sore throat with a chilly (tolerable) yet once I replace into grown around the age of 33, I had strep throat for the 1st time in my existence. theory i grew to become into going to die!! :D on no account had it returned and that i'm hoping I on no account do!! i don't get ear infections yet I did experience a variety of in my adulthood additionally. Have on no account had that to take place to me returned the two. Having her tonsils bumped off isn't that vast of a deal. that's an exceedingly consumer-friendly precedure and it merely might help your daughter. i does no longer think of that having them bumped off could make her difficulty any worse. Pray on it and do what you think of is appropriate for her.

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    I've had made sugar checked many times and that it's not diabetes. If it was at least they might have an answer

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    unless it was directed to the site however this is a streptococus virus that can not be erradicated in a specific area of the body only.

    so no it wont take care of that cold

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