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Black coaches cannot coach (in the NBA)? Maybe an exemption is K.C. Jones but hey, he coached the Celtics.?

The latest one, Mike Brown. He was totally outcoached by Popovich. His Cavs won 2-0 against Spurs in regular season but they cannot salvage a win in the championship. Other example is Avery Johnson. Last year he was outclassed by Pat Riley even though he had the better team, the better player. Then this year at the 1st round play-off, he was totally outcoached by the old Don Nelson. His #1 Mavs outplayed by the #8 Warriors, what an embarrassment, hehehe. Don't point at the players, I mean the Mavericks, the Cavaliers, its their coaches to be blamed. The two above-mentioned coaches are over-rated. Mike Brown owns the most wins as a Cav's coach but hey, he got the King - LeBron James and the Big Z plus a nice core of role and young players. Even a Division 2 coach can lead this team into the play-off. Avery Johnson, an over-rated guy who cannot even get past the ragtag Warriors team in the 1st Round. Blacks are the better athletes, players but in coaching X & O's their mediocre.

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    The Piston's white coach sure got out coached by the Cavs' black coach now, didn't he?

    Guys like Riley, Nelson and Popovich not only "outcoach" black coaches (sometimes), they also outcoach white coaches as well. They are 3 of the all time greats. And Nelson does know the Mavs, he was there a lot longer than Avery Johnson has been there.

    The other two #1 seeded coaches to lose to a #8 seed were Pat Riley and George Karl.

    Every now and then a #8 will lose to a happens. Of course, when Nelson was coaching the Mavericks, they never even got to the Finals, not even the one time they were a top seed (2003). Johnson's already done better with the Mavericks than Nelson did, and Johnson's only in his 2nd full season. Nelson coached there for 8 years.

    The Cavs had no players who were ready to compete in an NBA final series...none...not even Lebron. Especially against the Spurs.

    A 2007 Spurs/Cavs final would have been a 4 game sweep for the Spurs regardless of who was coaching either team.

    BTW, Dallas did not have "the better player" last year in the finals... Wade was by far the best player on the court in that series.

    The Big Z??? Spare me... two inches taller than Wilt Chamberlain...and 3 inches taller than anyone else on the court in the finals... gee, I thought Wilt was only good because he was taller than everyone else... guess this series destroyed that little theory, huh? The Big Z totally SUCKS, and it's a tribute to Brown's coaching ability that he can take a horrible player like that to the finals.

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    I guess that you are limiting this to basketball since a black coach took his team to the Superbowl this year. Hey wait. Two black coaches took their teams to the Superbowl this year and that means a black coach won the Superbowl. I guess there are no X's and O's in football. Since we are in the basketball category, I will stick to basketball. If black coaches couldn't coach, would their teams have been in the NBA finals? I don't think so. Your theory is baseless. Although he didn't win the NBA finals. Byron Scott, a former NBA player, led the New Jersey Nets to the finals a few years ago. Besides what about the white coaches who have had good teams like Mike D'Antoni that just can't seem to get over the hump? He hasn't made it to the NBA finals. Does that make him less of a coach than Avery Johnson who has a NBA title as a player and has coached in the NBA finals? Any NBA expert, which you are not, will tell you that the NBA is a players league.

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    The reason the Cavaliers lost was only like 10 to 15% because Mike Brown got out-coached. The Cavaliers should have won one, but thanks to Varejao... So that makes 85 to 90% of the reason Cavaliers lost is due to some other reason, which probably is that, although the Cavaliers played with heart, they just lack the talent.

    And Avery's lost is because Don Nelsen knew everything about the Mavs. So it's got nothing to do with Avery not being a good coach. And losing to the Heat isn't the Mavericks fault. It's D-Wade's fault cause he was on fire! He took the game to the next level. So it's once again, not Avery's fault.

    So just saying black coaches suck is a completely ridiculous statement. There are more crappy white coaches ever in history! Explain that!

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    The only reason Avery Johnson was outcoached by Don Nelson is because Don is Dallas' former coach; he knows the team in and out.

    Greg Popovich's Spurs roster is simply flatout better than Mike Brown's Cavs. Three main guys in Duncan, Parker and Ginobili and a deep bench with veteran awareness all over. In contrast, Mike Brown only has Lebron and a young, relatively inexperienced, still rough in the edges team.

    Good coaches, regardless whether theyre black or white, need good players to win championships (and vice versa). KC Jones won because he have Bird, McHale, and Parish and an uber bench.

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    Besides the fact that u sound like an ignorant racist. The better question is why is it that when teams win it's the players, yet when they lose it's the coach. I can't see why you think race has anything to do with it. For the few black coaches that were in the playoffs/ finals, how many white coaches didn't, and won't ever get that far?

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    The writer fails to give credit to the black coaches for the white coaches they "outcoached" to get to the finals. Including Flip Saunders who, even though he had the better team in detroit, lost to Mike Brown and Cleveland. The writer also fails to mention that both Riley and Popovich have been coaching for years, have championship experience and had won titles before. Mike Brown and Avery Johnson have both been head coaches less than 3 years. Coaching experience and talent has to count for something. It's great you gave Lebron and the Big Z credit for the wins and Brown the blame for the losses. You can't have it both ways. When Brown and Johnson have been coaching as long as Riley and Popovich we'll see about their X's and O's. Lastly, if the white players didn't choke in the big games, (Dirk), Avery Johnson would have a title.

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    What a moron you are. Seriously a dooh-she-bag.

    When two white coached teams play each other you must automatically come to the realization that polish-german coaches are superior to an irish-english coaches cause the polish-german guy won???

    That's the depth of your intelligence as you yourself have presented with this question.

    People that can't think in concepts beyond race are small minded, childish and dangerous to society. The way your brain works is primitive and I hope you don't have children.

    This is not a basketball related question at all, heck it's not even a question - it's just another bird brains tired old crap that makes his little bird brain feel good to say in a public forum. Therefore my non-basketball non-answer - answer is the appropriate response to you...

    go spurs.

    Source(s): common sense, history, an IQ over 85
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    What does the color of a persons skin have to do with the ability to coach or anything else? He must be a good coach are he wouldn't be where he is today A coach can only coach his players he can't play for them. Good coaches and teams win games and lost games on any given day. Lets give credit where it is do, Coach Brown got them to the finals, they just got out played.

  • well, the only reason the mavs got eliminated was that Don Nelson knows most of the players on the Mavs team weaknesses and strengths and taught Avery most of what he knows but not all. and Pat Riley has been a coach for how many seasons, a lot. that was just Avery's first year. and then Mike Brown worked under Gregg Popovich for a few seasons so Popovich taught him some of his work but not all. and it is also not the coaches who draft players, it is the general managers who either draft great talent or busts. and who won coach of the year these past two seasons, BLACK COACHES. so you need to get your facts checked before you post some bogus information genius.

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    dude don't start no **** like that y white players Kant play basketball no more yall have no heart how do u like it if somebody post that up but we taking over the NBA did u notice that the only time the bulls went to the second round ut was more black starters then white can u get up there a coach a team or better yet did u even play sports let along basketball

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