Apart from lemon and lime what do u add to corona?

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    First of all, you don't ADD lemons or limes to Corona. The Lime you so often see in the ads is because in Mexico there's a lot of insects, flies mainly...and they put the lime wedge in the top to keep the flies out.

    It was only in America that the meaning was lost and now you have tons of dumb Americans putting citrus into their beer.

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    First of all, let's correct the myth about the lime and the "stupid Americans". The lime is popular in most countries outside of Mexico. The TRUE reason for the lime is because the bottle that Corona comes in is clear. What happens when beer comes into contact with light? The hops degrade and your beer gets "skunky". The lime masks the smell of the beer. Don't believe me? Next time you open a Corona, smell it. Not to pleasant.

    The two biggest myths with the lime is that it keeps insects out and it sanitizes the bottle. Both are easily refuted. Insects are attracted to citrus and the acid in lime does not sanitize anything, no matter what your bathroom cleaner smells like.

    Now onto your question.

    If it is just a beer that you want, try a little salt.

    If you are looking for a drink though try...

    Corona Slam -

    1.5 oz. Tequila

    .5 oz. Lime Juice

    6 oz. Corona

    HIghball glass, salted rim, lime wedge on top. Pretty tasty.

    Red Corona -

    1 bottle Corona

    .5 oz. Grenadine

    Pour beer in a mug. Add Grenadine and lime wedge. Enjoy.

    Source(s): years of bartending and years of being a home brewer
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    most people add a lime and salt but personaly i think it tastes kinda like a skunk smells

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    I'm a bartender and I have had people ask me to sink grenadine to the bottom of the bottle.

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    Defanitly limes, or lemons., and a Good time! then enjoy!

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    I wish the brewery would add beer flavoring.

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    i've seen some people add lime juice, grenadine, or a sour mix.

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    Another Corona !!!

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    Don't fruit the beer.

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