Very important! Help save all charter schools!?

All charter schools are going to be cancalled! My school is Pa cyber charter school so if this takes effect, i have to find a new school and that wont be good because the only reason i went to cyber school is because every day id be beat up by people cause im sorta a geek. I know that you might not be in a charter school but please help anyway. This isnt only my school by the way. Heres what my teacher wrote. Now is the time to speak from your heart. Now is the time to speak from your mind. Imagine if PA Cyber just vanished one day. Your lives would be dramatically different and forever impacted in a negative way. It is not only your responsibility but also your duty to keep your school up and running. State Representative Beyers has introduced a bill in Congress (House Bill 446) that would change the way cyber schools receive funding. It jeopardizes the existence of all the cyber charter schools in the state. She is attempting to put 17,000 students out of cyber schools and pl


place more than 3000 people out of work. She has the financial backing of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association and recently has now received help from the Pennsylvania State Education Association. They have declared war on all charter schools, their students and their employees. It is time to fight back. Life is about perseverance and fighting for what you believe in. We all believe in our school. So it is up to us to save it. This project allows parents, students, and teachers to write a letter in support of our school. It also allows us to see democracy at its best. Instead of just reading about it—now, you can play an active role!

The following link is from the Pennsylvania Coalition of Charter Schools’ website. The site can generate a letter to a state legislator or can help parents or students contact a legislator on their own. Please take your time and go through this site. It is user friendly. If you have any problems, feel free to enter the Social

Update 2:

Studies Tutoring (Parents welcome) for help. This can be found under the VC Server 4 link on “My CyberPage” of Blackboard.

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