OK- CUSTOM HRT are they out of biz or what?

there page kept coming up an error, then it was up- right now it's down. placed an order- can't even inquire as to where it is- its over 5 days late.

Anyone know anything about custom hrt, and have you had this experience?


ok, i appreciate that answer, thanks, but -- I still am asking the same question, I use this site for some asthma meds, thyroids meds , etc., Placed an order about 10 days ago, should have received it a week ago Monday. So if anyone has had any luck getting this site - I have not - just the error page for days now, please respond. Or a phone number would be helpful too, or any words about your own experience with late orders.

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    1 decade ago
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    I also order from custom hrt two weeks ago, and did not receive my order. All of the contact # that I have are no longer working. I read an article that they had been shut down by the attorney general.

  • 1 decade ago

    no idea

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