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9/11 questions unanswered by the official "story" and PM's debunking 9/11 myths,?

11 of the 19 hijackers still alive

14 of the 19 used Naval and Air force base addresses on their American drivers Licenses.

Seismic activity recorded before during and after the event across the Hudson at the Palisades facility.

Short Put Options on American airlines

warnings to officials to avoid flying that day and to FED employees to not report to work at the towers.

Building 7's collapse late in the afternoon with no damage from the mornings events "clearly controlled demolition"

long work stoppages at both towers in the 8 weeks preceding the event.

Marvin Bush's position as head of security for the WTC complex..ending the day before 9/10

1500 degree molten steel pools in the basements for months after the event.

Free falling towers at the speed of a basketball dropped from the roof at the same moment (physically impossible)

wreckage from the clean up whisked away before forensic research could be conducted.

A "Stand Down" Order from N.O.R.A.D.


want more?


none of these are denied... only ignored. Before you call me a conspiracy so and so.. and reveal yourself as ditto head... read up on some of these points. there is much, much more..

Update 2:

as always... you have nothing. None of these are denied, post me a link if you can find one... you can't

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    None of the hijackers are still alive. That was reported by the BBC before the hijackers photos were released. Afterwards, the BBC realized they had the wrong men, and retracted the story. They only hijacker who is claimed to still be alive is Mohamed Atta, by his family, but they've never provided any evidence to that effect.

    Once again, mistaken identity. A lot of the hijackers have common names. Out of the 1.4 million soldiers in the US military, do you really think there wouldn't be people with the same names as the hijackers.

    The seismic recorders picked up four spikes, close to the two impacts and the two collapses. The estimation of the time they happened places them a second or two before the actual events, but that's only when they use aerodynamical figures to compensate for the distance from the WTC to the seismic station. However, a 10th grade science teacher can tell you that kinetic energy travels more quickly through solid materials then fluids. It should be noted, that in order for this to be evidence of explosions, it must mean that the two impacts and the two collapses didn't register at all on the seismographs.

    95% of the Put Options traded put on American Airlines were purchased by the same company. They've been investigated extensively, but no connection between them and the US government, or any terrorist organization has ever been found (because of privacy laws, the company's name has not been released). The problem is exaserbated by the fact that AA's call options were dwindling, after many of the big investment journals had expected the company to start losing money, making a very high put to call ratio.

    This one first came up saying that John Ashcroft was warned to stop taking commercial flights. When it was pointed out that he and his wife had taken commercial flights to and from Germany on Sept. 3, it was reworded to non-specific Federal employees so it would be impossible to prove that the conspiracy theorist were just making it up.

    WTC7 appears to have no damage when you look at photo of the north side, try finding photos of the south side. It will be hard though, because the south side was almost completely blanketed in smoke from the massive fires raging inside.

    Firefighters on the scene say it seemed as if about a third of the base of the building was blown apart by the collapse of the twin towers.

    Made up. There were thousands of businesses operation out of the WTC, don't you think someone would have complained if all maintenance work had stopped for 8 weeks. Apparently they didn't, because they're no record at all of a work stoppage.

    The people responsible for security in the WTC were John O'Niel, WTC security chief, and David Lim, a port authority officer. Marvin Bush was the head of Stratesec, a company that provided private security for some of the businesses working in the WTC, but that's mainly because there were so many businesses operating in the WTC that it's likely at least one of them would have employed a massive company like Stratesec.

    The molten steel claim come from quotes by three men. The first is Peter Tully, the CEO of a construction company on the scene who looked down into the debris and said the thought he saw molten steel. He later admitted he saw liquid in the debris and had no way to know if it was molten steel of not. The second is Dr. Keith Eaton, who in a lecture about the cleanup of the debris said he saw red hot steel being picked up by heavy machinery, and the conspiracy theorist claim he meant to say molten steel, with no evidence that this is the case. The third is said to be a quote from Leslie Robertson, a structural engineer who worked on the design of the WTC, saying that there were pits of molten steel in the debris 21 days after the attack, Robertson has denied ever saying anything like that. What's more, a comprehensive analysis done by NASA directly after the collapse before the cleanup even started indicated that the hottest temperatures in the debris pit may have been as hot as 800 degrees, not nearly hot enough for there to be molten steel. If it was hot enough for there to be molten steel they would have probably suggested holding off the clean up.

    A freefall from the top of the towers would have taken 9.22 seconds. From the videos it's hard to tell how quickly the towers fell, because of the dust cloud obscuring them during the fall, but if you try to measure how long the sounds of the collapse last, or how long the seismographs were picking up the vibrations, they're usually estimated as having fallen for about 14 seconds. Of course, it's stupid to argue this point with numbers and formulae, because anyone with eyes can look at any photo of the WTC collapsing and see that the debris flying off the side is falling faster then the building.

    Debris was whisked away because there were live people still buried under it. It was taken to yards where it was examined in full by investigators for over a year before a single piece of debris was sent for recycling.

    There was no stand down order for NORAD. NORAD's response abilities were compromised by the fact that operation Northern Vigilance was going on on 9/11. You've probably read that NORAD was conducting simulations of hijacked aircraft on 9/11 but that's not true. The simulations being conducted were war games taking place over the Arctic ocean. They were in response to Russiana nd Chinese joint bombing raid simulations taking place at the same time (the two were basically simulating bombing North America). Pre-9/11 NORAD announced all of it's business on it's website, and it's very possible that the hijackers timed their attack to coincide with Northern Vigilance because they knew that NORAD's defences would be compromised.

    Even if they hadn't been compromised, when a track spontaneously breaks course, it takes around 70 to 80 minutes to intercept it (estimated of around 10 minutes ar in reference to inbound tracks from over the Atlantic or Pacific ocean's, which are seen coming for hours before NORAD decides to send fighters to do a VID), and each or the hijacked planes hit their targets in under 40 minutes after they broke course.

    So let's see who's in on it so far:

    1. The Bush administration

    2. The Chretien administration (NORAD is joint controlled by the US and Canadian governments) which was highly opposed to the Iraq war

    3. The Putin administration which was highly opposed to both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    4. The Hu administration, '' ''

    5. NORAD

    6. The FAA

    7. All federal law enforcement agencies in America

    8. The BBC

    9. The Security Exchange Commision

    10. The WTC Head of Security John O'Niel (who was killed on 9/11)

    11. The Port Authority

    12. FEMA (who took part in investigating the WTC debris and found no evidence of explosives)

    13. Every single person working in the WTC, who didn't tell anyone that explosives were being planted in their offices.

    14. Every single government that warned Bin Laden may be planning an operation in the US, including the Taliban (unlike what most conspiracy theorists say, this is not proof it was an inside job, it's proof that independent sources had gathered information on Bin Laden being involved.

    15. Every single scientist in the world, for lying about rates of freefall

    16. Sight, for making us see that debris falling off the towers was falling faster then the towers.

    17. NASA

    18. Every troop that took part in Northern Vigilance, for lying about taking part in a fake war game.

    Etc, Etc, Etc,

    Got any more?

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    It's my firm belief that a certain percentage of the population will always be there to believe the most incredible things. There are people who believe Elvis is still alive. There are people who believe the Lunar landings were staged on a Hollywood set. There are people who believe the government has been hiding an alien spaceship and bodies in Roswell (or is it area 51?) There are people who believe a gang of Cubans shot JFK. And finally, there are people who believe Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster. All of these kinds of people are typically uneducated and don't seem to be very well grounded in some aspects of life. I see the typical 9/11 conspiracy believer as a guy who barely made it through high school, 32, and still lives with his parents. The key here is these just aren't well educated people and have correspondingly POOR analytical skills.

    Kent in SD

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    Check out the legitimate questions raised with an open and rational mind and then let's talk about your supposed critique of conspiracy theories.

    I am sick of the bunch of blow hards that have no knowledge of chemistry, physics and basic common sense but simply choose to believe what they are told by the powers that be because it is easy and convenient.

    Youtube thumbnail

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    Say..Are you interested in buying a bridge? I have one for sale that is in very good shape and priced to sell for only $5000. You sound like just the kind of guy who needs a bridge, and because I like you I'll throw in the entire town of Tulsa Oklahoma for only $1.00! Buy now before it's to late!

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    Santa is real. Tupac is still alive. Elvis is still Alive. We never went to the moon...... Some believe this crap but it isn't reality.

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    Bush and his bots benefited most from 911. That is the only fact i know.

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    "None of these are denied."

    Your ignorance has finally overwhelmed me - I'm speechless.

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    get a new hobby.

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