what is the difference between clever and wisdom ?

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    clever: mentally sharp or bright, witty; possessing quick or able intelligence

    wisdom: An element of personal character that enables one to distinguish the wise from the unwise

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    The Questio should either be 'What is the difference between 'Clever' & 'Wise' or 'cleverness & 'wisdom'.

    Clever ( adj) means

    1. Intelligent, quick at learning & understanding things,

    2. skillful,

    3.over smart ( QUICK WITH WORDS THAT ANNOY


    But 'Wise' Again (Adj) means:

    1.Able to make sensible decisions

    2. Prudent


    Do you see the Vast difference between the two sound-like- the-same words which most confuse.


    Oxford Adv. Learner's Dictionary

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    1 decade ago

    clever is a state of mind, where the person can be creative and innovative in certain situation. it is a term to describe a person's level of thought to a task or situation.

    wisdom is something that comes from experience, a person who knows the difference between right and wrong could be said to have great wisdom. it is also a term to describe a person who also gives out suggestions, comments, and also give understanding by words or actions.

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    Clever is knowing how to talk ur way out of a sticky situation,

    wisdom is knowing how not to get into one in the first place.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Clever is wit, wit is a measure of both intelligence and experience. and wisdom is aquired through learning from experiences.

  • 1 decade ago

    clever is an adjective and wisdom is a noun

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