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General Pace, should he be allowed to continue in service and Not Be Forced to Retire?

General Pace says he doesn't want to retire after being Relieved from his last command in Iraq. He believes he can be of further use to the Services and should hold some other Job. Personally, as a Veteran, I believe General Pace should be allowed to stay. He should be useful in another Arena that has nothing to do with the War! What say you, Active Military and Veterans....This question needs to be limited to Just Those Groups! Civilians cannot answer this, no matter how much they think they know....PLEASE respect this!

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    I think that General Pace has an opportunity to become a hero of the United States.

    As an officer in the military he took an oath, as did every public official, that in part says that they "promise to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic".

    The Bush Administration are domestic enemies of the USA. They are the real terrorists. They are thriving on the chaos they are creating with their misleading statements, 9/11 cover-up, illegal invasion of Iraq, refusal to close the southern border of the country, refusals to obey and ENFORCE the laws that already exist (1986 Immigration Bill). Had that bill been enforced the new bill might not be necessary. I for one won't believe him that he will enforce anything at anytime unless he gets a direct benefit from it.

    Congress has to learn to say NO to Bush.

    Like the old Nancy Reagan line about drugs - JUST SAY NO

    If General Pace is a real soldier he will fight back. If I were him I would look for someone who is willing to help save this country. Perhaps take him to court - Rico suit maybe ?

    I am sure that there are attorneys who would be willing to take on the Bush Administration to save the USA. Are attorneys supposed to have ethics ? I don't recall from the actions of the Atty general. Maybe one of the US Attorneys who was fired would love to prove he was good.

    GENERAL PACE needs help to live up to his oath as a soldier. Isn't he supposed to be willing to put his life on the line for his country or does that exist only for the soldiers who are in Iraq ?

    If he does not do anything, in my opinion, he isn't fit to wear the uniform and should be Court Marshaled in disgrace for conduct unbecoming an officer.

    We already know the truth.

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    If Pace truly respected his role as a military commander, he should have kept his nose out of the politics going on up on capitol hill and not sent that ill-advised letter in support of Scooter LIbby.

    Also, my dad's a vet. Hope that counts.

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    I agree, General Pace is a noble warrior that has spent his life in service of our nation.

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