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how long can a person live without drinking water?

I mean eating normally and drinking like soda and stuff but not water would it be deadly? how long could someone live like that?

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    There is actually a lot of water in soda,ice tea,juice, coffee and such.You can live off the water in these things indefinitely.I wouldn't advise it because clean,pure water is the best for your body. But if you are consuming liquids you can survive indefinitely. BTW Terri Shiavo lived for 12 days without a drop of water or a morsel of food.

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    If you had other ways of getting hydrated and fed, I'm not sure how long you would last.

    But if you were held captive (or something like that) without food, or water, you can only expect about 3 days.

    It's the rule of 3's:

    3 minutes without air

    3 day without water

    3 weeks without food

    Now, that doesn't apply to EVERYONE, but it's a generalization. =)

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    As recounted earlier than You can reside as much as two weeks with out meals, as for water it relies on how a lot you are sweating, and the Environment. You might final as much as per week within the correct stipulations. As to your possess Urine, after a at the same time it might simply be vain as your frame might use the vitamins and minerals and then you definately might simply be recycling unhealthy chemical substances. so I would not say greater than two days relying on how hydrated you're.

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    3 days

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    the sugar in soda will slowly dehydrate you but I don't know how long it would take before your kidneys failed.

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