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I have a Schwinn 17 Function computer/pedometer. There is a flashing wrench?

in the lower left hand corner of the screen. There is nothing in the instruction page that comes with it. Does anyone know what the flashing wrench means?

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    It means that it is time for a minor service.(according to the computer). This function is generated from the odometer based on distance traveled. It is usually very conservative and could come up as low as 400 km (240m) or 800 km (480m).

    Give your bike a bit of a clean up and spray a bit of lube. There should be a way to reset this. Keep an eye on your chain wear i have found this is a better gauge for servicing.

    12 full links (24 half links) should measure between 12 and 12 1/8 inches. If your above this change the chain. I usually change the wheel's bearings and inspect cassette chain ring and derailleurs at this stage also. (changing bearings regularly extends life of cones and hubs. Couple of bucks well spent)

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    Bike computers for mountain biking can be a problem if you are really riding off road. Any fall or encounter with an obstacle on the trail can result in damage to your computer, it doesn't matter about the brand. I smashed so many computers riding on the trails that I gave up using one on my mountain bike. I now only use one on the road

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    It is just a reminder that you should do some maintenance on your bike. Look in the troubleshooting part of the instructions, and it tells you how to clear the symbol. I can't remember right off the top of my head, but it's not too hard.

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