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what are the most overrated rivalries?

I say

Cubs VS. Cardinals

Dodgers VS. Angels

Dodgers VS Padres

A's Vs Giants

Have those rivalries ever had a historic moment.

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    Well, A's and Giants have some history (1989 World Series), but the others aren't much. I know that the Padres fans don't like the Dodgers anymore than Giants fans do, but I don't know if the Dodgers fans really care about the padres.

    Cub vs Cards? That's probably the most overrated of the ones you list.

    Source(s): PS: The earthquake in 1989 did not do any real damage to either stadium. I know. I was there. I have a tile that fell off the wall, but the damage didn't get much worse than that. Also, Oakland is not a "scrappier team", and are not consistently better than the Giants. Puhleeze! The Giants are usually the better team, especially in the first half of the season. The Giants have been to the World Series much more recently than the A's, who haven't won a WS game since 1989. There head-to-head record over the years is about even, too.
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    I think rivalries matter to fans of teams. Cubs vs. Cards is a great rivalry.

    The ones that suck are the interleague rivalries. As a Sox fan - I could care less about the games against the Cubs. Most Sox fans and Cubs fans I know feel the same.

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    The Cubs and Cardinals produced plenty of historic moments and great pennant races in the late 1920s and early 1930s, but they haven't had much to play for recently. Still, like another answer mentioned, the fans still see it as a big rivalry even if we don't.

    Of the list you've given, I'd go with Dodgers-Angels. I know they share the LA name, but they play in different leagues. That means no pennant battles and no season-long bad blood, just some weak interleague battles.

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    I think you have to give Oakland and San Francisco a little more credit for two reasons. First of all, Oakland is a much scrappier team with much more of a blue collar following. That organization has always struggled to get the same kind of revenue the Giants get and the A's are consistantly a better team. I think that in itself is good reason. I also think the 1989 Bay Bridge Series and the 7.1 earthquake that interrupted it gives that rivalry a little more of a backbone. That entire series got undermined (as it should have) and I think there is good reason for both of those teams to want to prove themselves the better club.

    I too hate the whole Dodger/Angels thing. The Angels are lame, pick one city and stick with it. Better yet they should just disappear.

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    A's and Giants played against eachother in thew 1989 World Series. That is a bit historic plus it was delayed by a major earthquake that damaged the stadiums.

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    I agree with you... the A's vs Giants is totally overrated

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    CUBS CARDS because they dont have any exciting history

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