Advertising Stats for Home Depot & Lowes (for free); Need Info on Menards?

I'm doing an analysis of Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards for a class and need to find out how much these companies spend on advertising and what ad agencies they use. I found old stats at but couldnt find new stats. I'm trying to find this info without paying some market research website. If anyone knows where I can find this info that would be great!

In addition, does anyone know where I can find more info on Menards?

Oh and 1 last thing: if anyone knows of any good resources to research big companies that would be great! Thanks for the help!

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    Some ideas:

    First off, since Menards is non-public, the information will be more scarce than Lowe's or HD. What you can do, and is acceptable in most situations like this is to extrapolate from past data and from the competitor data and justify it by pointing out that Menards, HD and Lowe's are members of a strategic group and more likely than not behave in very similar ways. Any college level strategic management or industrial economics book would back up this assumption.

    A great source for researching public companies is of course their 10K's that you can get off of Yahoo finance easily. Also, if they are public firms, your college and public library will have a "Valueline" book that lists both the financial metrics of the company as well as outlooks for both the company and the industry that it's in.

    Another lead is the message boards of financial sites like Yahoo Finance or Raging Bull. Granted the information is un-official, but it also is a platform for traders to talk down or up a stock and they often give links to their positions.

    Finally, call up the company you are investingating and advise what you are tyring to get. Public firms have "investors relations" offices that should be helpful with what you are trying to get. Private firms are somewhat different. I had students deal with the Menards here and found them to be somewhat rude. I'm not sure what kind of report you are assembling, but this rudeness is relevant information about the firm as a whole. You probably wouldn't encounter this type of attitude at HD or Lowe's given their promotion and compensation structure's focus on customer service which would make rude behavior at any level pretty risky.

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