I Need Help In Beating the elite four in Diamond!?

Well.......i need help! ummm some tips cus i just can't! it only took a week to get all 8th gyms and i really need help....the pokemon i'm use to battle them

1.Gyarados lv.25(in training)

2.Dialga lv. 51

3.Uxie lv.52

4.infernape lv.58

5.Luxray lv.52

pc.luxray lv.41

help plzz?

which one??

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    That's almost exactly my team when I beat the elite 4 and Cynthia, except mine had lower levels.

    I had:

    Palkia- 52

    Uxie- 50

    Infernape- 56

    Luxray- 48

    Steelix- 45

    Gastrodon- 36

    You should bring about 20 hyper potions or moomoo milks, and 15 revives. Also, several elixirs or leppa berries to raise PP. I lost the first time, but by one hit, and i had Cynthia's last pokemon with 10 HP left, too, but she got a critical hit. The second time was a breeze.

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    First of all, you really don't want to be fighting the Elite Four with an 'in training' pokemon in your team. Until you can beat them easily, you need all 6 spots filled with your best and highest level Pokemon.

    Second, your Pokemon are too low level. They should be at LEAST in the mid to high 50s (like 57+ as a minimum), if not low 60s. You need to spend some more time leveling them -- I would suggest Victory Road, since it's where you'll get the most experience at this point.

    I'm also not sure why you list 5 Pokemon and then have a second lower level Luxray listed as "p.c" -- is this your 6th team member? I would actually recommend using a different Pokemon. While having one Luxray is great (I had one in my team, the first time I beat them), you really want to get a variety of types in there. I see that you don't have a Grass type in your team at all; if I were you I would switch the second Luxray for a Grass Pokemon. Maybe Shiftry or Ludicolo, neither of whom are too hard to find.

    Good luck!

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    you need some water pokemon thats the best kind you can use against them but try to get most of them to lv.80 that makes it real easy i used my empoleon the whole time he was at lv.80 but i had to use a couple of items.

    Source(s): my brother
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    whoa first of all you need to majorly level up your pokemon..they should all be over lvl 60 minimum..other that that...check out http://www.serebii.net/ more help there =)

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