A friend is moving in a mo. What furniture should she leave in her house if needed to show it after moving?

She will likely be going to a smaller apt.

Would any of you with real estate or home buying/selling experience leave the great room furniture and the bedroom furniture so the house would show better and live on bare bones at the new apt?

Or, would you just empty the house of furniture, take it all to the new apt. and let it show that way?

Or, should she ask her single friend and new co-worker she will be working with who has a HUGE house with extra bedrooms available if she can stay with her until her house sells?


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    As a real estate broker, I ALWAYS ask that a seller leave furnishings, if at all possible. When a house is bare, every little defect is visible. Traffic wear patterns in flooring, faded spots in walls where wall hangings USED to be. You get the picture. Furniture in a place also gives potential buyers a visual of how they might furnish the premises. Tell her to leave her furniture there, if at all possible, especially if her decorating tastes are very good.

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    As a former Realtor and excellent stager and landscaper, I would take the approach that would show the home to the best advantage. Some of my sellers decided not to list after I transformed their homes inside and out....not the result I wanted, but I did get referrals.

    My own homes sold within two days even just before Christmas or after a blizzard with three feet of snow in the yard.

    Have her imagine the home when she just moved in. There were lots of decisions to make including furniture arrangement, curtains, plants and accessories. Then have her take the non-essentials over to the new apartment including most of her clothes, cookware, extra furniture and everything in the garage.

    Then spackle, paint, weed, trim, and even hire a maid to make sure everything is like brand new. I staged my homes with pictures, plants, new decorative towels from TJ Maxx, throws and made sure even the closets, pantry, and garage looked like someone from the Pottery Barn or Container Store lived there.

    One of the best things to remember is to always have the home ready to show. Living at a friend's home will give her the perfect opportunity to show the home to its best advantage. Empty homes take longer to sell. That is why model homes always have furniture. Only the most imaginative people can visualize an empty home's potential.

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    As a buyer (currently looking for a house) I prefer to look at homes that are empty. I like to see the defects, and imagine ways I can rennovate and decorate the home. Plus, it makes it easier to see the space, especially if the current owner has over sized furniture. That's my preference.

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    empty homes are hard to sell

    either leave it furnished


    rent furniture so that it will be staged

    good luck

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