Does anyone know anything about Lawson M3? Is it any good at all comparing to other ERP package?

I have hardly heard of it before. I haven't really seen any good review about it. What is good and/or bad about it?

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  • pops
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    1 decade ago
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    "good" erp is almost an oxymoron.

    you want a good implementation.

    define what you need to see and manage,

    assess business risks, costs, timeframe, and sustainability

    don't believe what they say, make them show it to you in production

    compare the software capabilities and implementation to your requirements, objectively with the user community reviewing top few candidate packages

    Call their customers: (do you resemble any of these verticals?)


    Albany Door Systems

    Alcar Group

    Alfa Laval

    Ambu A/S

    Amy's Kitchen


    Arla Foods

    Ausco Building Systems Pty. Ltd.

    Auto Distribution


    Bauwerk Parkett AG

    Berendsen Safety AB (Björnkläder)


    Boliden Commercial AB

    Brødrene Dahl a/s

    BT Industries

    BTG Pulp & Paper Sensors AB

    Böllhoff Otalu S.A.

    Ceva Vetem


    Coldenhove Papier

    Colony Liquor and Wine Distributors

    Conservas Dani S.A.

    Crown Equipment Pty. Ltd.

    Cummins Inc.

    D-M-E Europe

    Delta Galil Industries Ltd.

    Dorel Juvenile Group Europe

    Dr. Rentschler Arzneimittel GmbH & Co.

    Dynea AS

    Econocom Distribution S.A.

    Eldon AB

    Elkem ASA

    EuroMaint AB

    Farah (Australia) Pty Ltd


    Fluitronics Group

    FMC FoodTech

    Frial SA

    General Binding Corporation



    Groupe Jacquet


    Hjellegjerde ASA

    Hynds Pipe Systems Ltd

    Højbjerg Maskinfabrik A/S

    John Player & Sons

    Kaha Oy


    Kværner Kamfab AB

    K. L. Ballantyne Pty. Ltd.

    Lantmännens Maskinimport AB (LMB)

    Liquid Gas Co., Ltd.


    Marukin Co. Ltd.


    Metsä Tissue

    Mio AB

    Modul Service AB

    Nutreco Holding N.V.

    Patties Foods Pty. Ltd.

    Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH

    Plastal AB


    Procordia Food AB

    Propper International


    Reka Kumi


    RM Williams Pty. Ltd.

    Rubber Leisure Products Sdn. Bhd.

    R&M Energy Systems

    Sabena Technics - TAT Group



    Scandinavian Airlines System

    Skånemejerier Ek. För.

    State of Michigan

    Stiefel Laboratories, Inc.

    Svejsemaskinfabrikken Migatronic A/S

    Svenska Lantmännen Ek. Förening.

    Swedish Meats

    TAL Group

    TBD S.A.

    Tere AS

    Thai Gypsum

    The Dempsey Group

    The Kerrygold Company Ltd.

    The New Zealand King Salmon Company Ltd.

    Top Form S.A.

    Topcon Scandinavia AB


    Tricotage des Vosges

    ULMA Manutención S. Coop

    Wanxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Zakłady Porcelany Stołowej LUBIANA SA

  • 5 years ago

    We think its trash. I and many othersin the company miss Oracle so much. M3 is a curse

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