3 month old waking up every 3 hours?

ever since he was around 6 weeks. he'd sleep for a 6 hour stretch one night and then wake up every 2 hours again.. He is now 12 weeks and since we switched him to soy formula, the 1st two nights he slept from 9-5am.. which he has NEVER done before... then the next day back to waking up every 3 hours... i'm gonna lose my mind.

- when he wakes up, i only feed him if he's hungry, which is uaully every 6 hours.

- when hes not hungry, i don't even pick him up, just give him his passy, and wait till he falls asleep, which takes FOrEvER!

- Sometimes after the 5 am feeding i'll take him in my bed out of sheer exaustion.

- he pretty much seems to wake up for his pacifier.. i know he's not wet, hungry or in pain. .

- he's not teething or anything like that.. just wants to wake up.

- he has a strict bedtime routine and nap routine..

- both nights that he slept good at night, he didnt get much sleep during the day, but was crabby the whole time..



- at naptime he falls asleep on his own... we don't really rock him, but only at bedtime thats part of his routine..

- his naps are still sporatic ,sometimes sleeps for 45 mins, sometimes 2 hours, he gets good sleep during the day, it's the nighttme were having trouble with!!! HELP

Update 2:

and it's not a growth spurt, its been lasting 2 weeks

and we don't rush in with the 1st whimper either...

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  • Lisa
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    1 decade ago
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    It's just part of the process. My son went from sleeping for 6 hours before waking up to waking up every hour on the hour. Now he is a year old and sometimes will have nights where he is up a lot and sometimes he will sleep for hours on end. I've known some kids who slept through the night since birth and then at 13 months got up all night for months. You're baby will eventually sleep through the night. Usually by 6 months it gets better but don't be alarmed if he doesn't. Some babies take longer then others and some never sleep through the night until they get more active.

    Just be patient. It's hard and exhausting but God made mothers to handle this sort of thing. You can do it. Just hang in there.

    Source(s): Mommy of a 1 year old son.
  • TJTB
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    1 decade ago

    I know it's hard to give up that peaceful time you get when he naps during the day, but I think he needs to nap a little less during the day (or you need to nap the whole time he's napping). Also keep his nap environment with regular noise levels and bright (don't draw the shades for his naps). He must realize the difference between day and night when he sleeps. This will help him set his body's circadian clock and he'll differenciate the two easier and sleep longer at night.

    He can also use just a bit of cereal in his nighttime bottle.

    Do attend to him when he fusses, because contrary to some people's suggestions, research shows that babies feel secure that they're being attended to and after several nights, they don't wake up as often.

    I totally feel your pain. There aren't too many things in this world as maddening as sleep deprivation. Do try and remember that this is temporary and that at the MOST, will only last another several weeks, never to be a problem again...

    Just remember a secure and soothed baby will get out of this stage faster and then you can all get the rest you desperately need.

    Sounds like you're a great mom, keep up the good work with a little less nap time and a few more calories at night, you'll be good to go.

    Source(s): Married to a pediatrician and mom of two very nocturnal children, who took a while to sleep like babies! ;o)
  • 5 years ago

    Mine is three months too at the moment and quite a big boy and, annoyingly, wants to be fed every hour at some times of the day - a week ago he was in a great routine and it has completely gone awol this week. I think you will find when you next get your baby weighed a bit of a growth spurt. All you can do is keep as much of a routine as you can until the growth spurt ends - you don't want the feeding every hour to be habit forming. So whilst you put up with it where you have to, keep on trying to get a routine - I would try starting with a feed every three hours during the day (taking him for a walk if you have to to push the feeds apart) and then doing the best you can at night (I use a pacifier). My first son did the same thing at three months so I guess I know the drill. It passes. Some babies love feeding little and often though and it becomes a vicious circle so it is worth keeping on trying to push the feeds apart when you can - and it will work eventually its just right now it seems endless.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would take him to bed with you and allow him to feed more; to comfort and top up his belly.

    He is more likely to wake up less this way knowing you are there, you will get more rest. If he isn't falling asleep right away you can rub his back half asleep instead of waiting for him to fall alseep alone in his bed with a passy.

    He might just need your closeness and is waking up for you and to have a little fed. At 3 months, he may be just hungry. If he isn't sleeping I would try first pick him up, then giving him food, then check the diaper, then give the passy and hold him.

    Think back to when he was first born and the needs you met. And apply them here. Don't worry about the hours he is waking, how much he is sleeping etc. Just meet his needs and he will go to sleep when he is tired (usually after that need is met).

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  • 1 decade ago

    This baby is still small. You can rock him for his nap if you wish. He won't get spoiled until like seven months or so. As for the waking. Either the soy is upsetting his stomach (though you did not mention diarrhea or vomitting) or he needs the pacifer to soothe himself. Remember babies change and grow, His awake time during the day will be longer. And it should be so he'll realize that when it is dark it is bedtime and daytime is awake time. Maybe he has his days and nights mixed up. You know it may be time for food...perhaps he is not full anymore. Around three and four months dr.'s start cereal. Ask yours. This may be it!

  • 1 decade ago

    My almost 4 month old does the same.

    Some nights she will sleep 8-10 hours, other nights she is waking every 2-3. For her binky

    Thou she is teething and has been since 3 months so I also giving teething tablets.

    What I do is I go in, give her the binky, tuck a blanket in the sides and bottle of the crib so it is tight on her, wind up her mobile or play the music only on her crib toy and WALK away!

    I do want for her to go back asleep.

    Some nights I will have to get right back up, because she spit it out, etc

    But most of the time, this does the trick.

    The tight blanket keeps her feeling secure without having to swaddle her, since she loves to just lay there and work at unwrapping it.

    And all I had to do was wake up enough to get to her room, tuck in and give binky.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my daughter didnt sleep through the night until we started giving her mylicon drops at every feeding. her pediatrician says that they dont do a thing, but if we miss a day of mylicon, she wakes up all through the night. also, my daughter loves to be swaddled, and cannot sleep any other way. she is now 5 and half, almost six months and sleeps from 9 to 7:30. we seperated food from sleep, meaning instead of giving her a bottle right before bed, we give it to her about 30 minutes before, followed by a bath, some play time, then she gets swaddled and we cuddle for a few minutes. not feeding her right before bed time allows her to potty so we can change her diaper before bed, so she isnt sleeping in a drenched diaper that wakes her up all night. i lay her down in her crib with her pacifer and turn on her mobile, and she falls asleep on her own. she knows when she is tired and does not want to be held anymore. sometimes, it is just a matter of letting you little one cry it out for a few minutes in the middle of the night and he might just fall back asleep on his own.

  • 1 decade ago

    At three months i think my son was still waking up every few hours...me and my wife rotated days but it was hard cuz well she breastfed him.anyway with a baby time will heal a sleep deprivation.Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    try adding cereal to his bottle it sounds like he isn't staying full and those long stretches he's just so exhausted from being up all the time when he's hungry... add a few tablespoons of cereal to an 8 oz bottle and he'll sleep like a charm

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Please consider that you are not feeding him oftern enough. Most babies that age need food more than every 6 hours. Keep being consistent. This too shall pass!

    Source(s): I highly recommend the book - Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
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