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Sumo Wrestling: survival of the fattest?


I have actually seen sumo and I did enjoy it but I was basically just making a silly joke.

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    Apperantly you have never seen sumo. I always enjoy it when its on ESPN2.

    Regular HS and College level wrestling is more survival of the fattest than Sumo. In Sumo, someone can be outweighed by 150 pounds and win. I have seen it done. If anyone in HS or college wrestling would be able to do that, against another person who is trained, I would love to see it.

    Sumo is a matter of skill, strength, and Agility. The agility part is where I differ from the first answerer. Speed (as in a 40 time) is not necessarily important, but the agility and quickness to get off the line first, to get inside positioning, and to get under your opponent, to take away their leverage, are all more important than weight.

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    That and the fastest.

    Sumo isn't just about being fat. It's about being strong, smart, and actually takes a bit of speed.

    Edit: I should have elaborated a little more on the speed part of my answer. I didn't necccarily mean SPEED speed, but more speed as in speedy reflexes.

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    i don't like Sumo Wrestling!!!

    Source(s): RKO ROCKS!!!
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