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Is 'Democracy' the only valid state of a Nation?

and if that is the case why do Conservatives go to such pains as to say we are a Republic not a Democracy.....

and why are we killing 750,000 people so that they can swallow this false ideology?

Even the Greeks now have second thoughts at the way this word (rule by the people, for the people) has been abused.

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    *sigh* So according to Locutus, the next country the US should invade is Great Britain? They're not a democracy.

    True Democracy wouldnt work in America anymore, there are just too many people with their own agendas. It can only work when the group is samll enough, where everyone knows everyone else, "town meetings" (where the WHOLE town shows up, not just the ones who throw softball questions at a would-be President) can only happen when the town is small enough to FIT in one "Town Hall".

    So we have a Representative Repubic. I just wish I knew who they were representing in the last 6 years.

    Only blind arrogance would assume the political system one is born into is the "only" valid one. Do some research, and you may find there are aspects of different systems which could have a valid place in our Democracy.

    Democracy is a changing, fluid system. The greatest strength of Democracy is its willingness to adopt new ideas, we do it all the time. If Democracy were not a fluid, ever-changing system, women would not have the right to vote, black people would still be enslaved and term linits would not be in place.

    Listening to, and abiding by, the will of the "People" is a MUCH better system, than one man who claims Supreme Beings talk to him and tell him how to run his country, whether it's the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran in the 80s, or George W. Bush in the USA today.

    The notion that people, plain ordinary, scared, anxious, small minded, selfish, bigotted people, can all get together and STILL accomplish miraculous things is fantastic, ridiculous, could never happen (which of course it has, in many countries). The one big weakness in Democracy is eventually those same People will vote for (as Heinlein put it), "Bread and Circuses", meaning people, for example, could vote to stop the sun in the sky, doesn't work with reality too well.

    (Cons use this argument in regards to global warming. saying, "trying to legislate weather is a waste of time", and for the most part, if that's what people were trying to do, I would agree, but pro-Green people aren't trying to CHANGE the weather, guys, theyre trying to KEEP the weather in a spectrum of temperature differentials which humans and every other living thing on the planet can tolerate, without 50% or more dying off before having a chance to procreate and replace themselves.

    Maybe it is arrogance to think we as a nation can do anything to truly affect something so huge, but are ANY of the Conservation recommendations greens support BAD things? Using less resurces, recycling, walking and biking instead of burning fossil fuels? Any of them? If not, why is so much Republican derision placed on them?)

    Anyway, thats the downside of Democracy. It's not perfect, it doesn't claim to be, but it IS just about the best system flawed human beings can come up with.

    And one more thing: I happen to think the Yahoo Answers Troll Blocker is a fine idea (I'd like to see "Ignore User" as well).

    Blocking some idiot because he spouts garbage is not a "Liberal attempt to abolish Free Speech". If I dont like something on TV, I dont write my Congressman, I CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Blocking some idiot who is just here for cheap attention, with no legitimate question or need for knowledge or clarification of an issue, is the same thing. Free Speech doesn't mean I HAVE to read that swill, they are free to write it, I am free to ignore it entirely.

    Ive been warning you for months; nobody (except Dittoheads and Coultergeists) are buying the hate anymore. But Cons? Just keep selling light bulbs in a florescent age, ok?

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    I have no love of the UN. My feelings stem primarilly from the squandering of ability, talent, treasure, time and goodwill that is rife within the organization which completely betrays the potential for doing that which is right and good that is so ably masked by its administration. That this would culminate in trying to quash the Global War on Terror at its inception, a policy for which I have clamored since the Marine Baracks in Beiruit were blown up in 1983 was just confirmation that they don't know what they are doing and have no appreciation for what they could accomplish. There is one simple and overwhelming reason, however, that the US must remain a member and engaged in the UN. Its not the veto we have in the Security Council either (though that helps). Its real estate. The UN HQ is in NYC. All those nations send delegations *here* to have their meetings. Where else can we find such a potentially rich source of foreign intelligence? Think about it; each delegation has a staff--they go to public places and say things they shouldn't, perhaps a slip or perhaps induced in some manner, each delegation has communcations withtheir sponsor nation--if it can be transmitted it can be intercepted, if it can be encoded it can be decrypted. The UN does stupid things like letting Syria and Cuba chair Human Rights Commissions, but at least they do it here where we can keep an eye on them.

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    Apparently there is no contridiction refer to general rules and you will see at the top -Rule #1 "Do as I say not as I do " So you see no contridiction at all

    Also yes a democratic state is the only legitimate one unless they elect Hammas in which case it is not valid - See the general rules again # 2 It is only vaild when I say it is valid - the election was stolen ifg the other side wins it is fair if my side wins and complaints about it are therefore sour grapes unless I do it - For further detail see rule 1

    All nations must be a full democracy unless they have a lot of money invested in my nation - see rule #3 Isreal doesn't count - Under the umbrella of rule 3 is for the moment - Saudi Arabia which is an absolute monarchy and any other nations that may wish to invest .

    I hope that clears things up for you

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    I don`t think so. There are no democracies in the sense of the Athenian city state. The most important function of any political system is to limit the power of the executive. The two primary models of "western democracy", The U.S.A and the U.K. have failed in that respect to some extent at least. I believe that the models adopted by Germany, Holland and most of mainland Europe have been far more effective.

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    Socialism, Capitalism, Republicanism and others are valid systems other than Democracy which is usually a misnomer for a country like the United States.

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    It is not a democracy unless every man and woman has an say in matters of government. In a republic, the people elect representatives who speak for them in government. The United States has been a constitutional republic for more than a hundred years.

    Our government has invaded Iraq to bring them "democracy" and "freedom." Of course, this kind of "growth" is painful and they are going to need support from American services for a long time. As long as they are dependant upon these services, Iraq and its recourses are at our disposal. We've essentially pimped them ho's.

    Even the founders of this nation considered that democaracy could be maintained for only a short term in these United States. "There was never a democracy that did not waste and destroy itself," Jefferson once noted.

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    Could be those conservatives are defending our constitution.

    Have you read it lately.

    Who are the 750,000 which are being killed, Is this another figure like the 5,000,000 for starving children the Democrats keep throwing up in our faces.

    Vote Democrat if you want your grand idea for a democratic nation. Don't be surprised when you loose your right to vote thought.

    Iraqes are killing each other for ethnic reasons,

    And insurgents are killing randomly, because they hate the ideas that counter their Muslim beliefs.

    As far as the Greeks are concerned, they can not keep a stable government - great group to be criticizing us.

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    We are a REPRESENTATIVE republic. It is a form of democracy that insures against mob rule as many would like.

    Yes democracies are the only valid governments. Yes they put a great deal of responsibility on the citizens they also insure that they remain citizen and not subjects.

    If we had killed those people there would be no problem . The problem is it was not us so it is not us that the Iraqis try to appease.

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    If you check history, we went from a Republic to a Democracy in 1918, I believe. That can't be denied. :)

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    The U.S. by definition is a Republic. The Pledge of Allegiance states: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands......

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