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What is the gas crometography and HPLC?

I want to know about their basic cocepts on which these are running and how are these work, their parts and use of parts with snaps (if possible). Please give me full details related to it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The difference about the two is very simple. Gas Chromatography uses gas (e.g. Helium, Hydrogen etc.) as mobile phase while HPLC uses organic solvent + water (CH3OH:H2O, CH3CN:H2O, 100%CH3OH, etc.) as mobile phase. Both of the equipment has the same parts; mobile phase, column, detectors, integrator. They only differ from the mobile phase, column, and detectors. In GC its more on FID, TCD detectors while HPLC uses Radial Pack or any Si coated columns. GC use to analyze different gases in terms of ppm, %alcohol etc. while HPLC is more on organic constituents of some drugs or medicine. HPLC is more applicable in a pharmaceutical industries and GC is more applicable in Petroleum companies, or even in Petrochemical industries.

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