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What does this mean "My karma ran over your dogma"?

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    It's a quite clever comparison of the contradicting philosophies of Christian dogma and eastern spiritualism.

    Christians believe that faith in Jesus Christ will absolve them of the consequences of sin. This is dogmatic teaching, because it requires a person to ignore real life experiences, including social structure, judicial systems, and parental teachings, along with biblical examples, proverbs, and parables. (You reap what you sow.)

    Eastern philosophy teaches that each person is responsible for their own actions, and that one accumulates good or bad karma (or "reaction") according to their own desires and actions.

    "My karma ran over your dogma" suggests that the eastern philosophy is superior, so much so that it "runs over" the philosophy of dogma easily, just as a "car" can easily run over a "dog".

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      If eastern philosophy teaches that people are responsible for their own actions, then why aren't college know-it-all hippies libertarian?

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      All of this has nothing to do with the question about the relationship of karma and dogma. This is not a forum about dogs. It has nothing to do with dogs. Dogma is unrelated to dogs.

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    There is the wordplay part of it (Karma- Car ma, Dogma, Dog). The other part of the "joke" is the way it is flipped around and the point that makes. Karma is used to describe a more relaxed ("hippie" to use your parent's term) approach to life. Dogma is the opposite. Instead of the car hitting the dog (as it so often happens), here it is the other way around. My free way of looking at things is better than your rigid way of looking at them This is a long explanation of a silly joke

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    It's a play on words. Karma sounds like "CAR-ma" and dogma is "DOG-ma" So it's saying my CAR ran over your DOG but they say it using "karma" and "dogma" as a way of using word within words. Really, it's just a joke.

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    What does this mean "My karma ran over your dogma"?

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    Actually Christianity (at least Catholicism) does not teach that Jesus absolves people of the consequences of their sins. I don't suppose this lady ever heard of, confession, penance and purgatory. The saying My Karma ran over your Dogma means, that Real Life destroyed your preconceived notions about reality. Oh wait, just like I am doing right now.

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    Biblical teaching affirms that (Galationa 6:7) Be not deceived God is not mocked for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. If He sows to the flesh he will reap corruption but if he sows to the Spirit he would reap life everlasting. True Christianity does not teach one to ignore real life experience or absolve responsibility. Salvation in Christ Jesus as taught in the BIble is the remedy for sin however strong words address those who may think that it gives them a license to continue in sin (Romans 6:1) I would look more to the phrase my karma ran over my dogma as differentiating between theory versus reality or book knowledge versus life experience. In every religion you will find dogmatic doctrinal teachings. Some would call them religious extremists/cults.

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      Shut up. It's just a play on words.

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    I recall this from a bumper sticker as My karma ran over my dogma. So, not yours and had nothing to do with Christianity as I recall. To my mind it was really anti eastern spirituality, like a big joke. As a believer in karma at the time hated the saying. It was really like your dogma ate your karma. But then we don't have such a fun joke about cars and dogs.

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    This "best" answer is patently prejudicial and biased. (It may indicate bad karma for the writer.;))

    There is no East Religion vs. West Religion subtext here. Both Eastern and Western religions and philosophies depend on dogma, and both feature something akin to karma.

    This "joke" or play on words gains deeper meaning beyond the cartoon violence of running over an animal by gently touting the superiority of a more spiritual, positive sense of karma over the more tunnel-visioned absolutism of dogma. It just ain't a Buddhist vs. Christian thing.

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    It's a word play joke with a philosophical bite, so to speak. My car [ma] ran over your dog [ma].

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