yahoo error 999?

Why everytime I try to answer a question confidently for yahoo answer, yahoo will give me a wet blanket by giving error 999? I ever try to answer another question that i'm not so sure after i encounter error 999, it went through. When i go back to the 1st question again after answer the second question it give me error 999 again... it seems yahoo use error 999 as indication of error that yahoo not sure what is the problem, just something is wrong.


Please note I received error 999 when i answer first question, before i decide to answer the other question successfully. When i go back to the first question it give me error 999 again. so i do not exceed my limit. thks... read before answer... sigh...

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    it has nothing to do with the limit of questions / aswers, it has to do with what you are typing.

    Error 999 comes from higher up on the Yahoo ladder then answers .. much higher up, and answers being a mere little section of yahoo, has inherited this error .. this will never be fixed, i do not even think yahoo can afford to have it finetuned.

    Error 999 IS a bann.

    The most common reason for receiving Yahoo Error 999 is due to some sort of bandwidth limiting system that Yahoo has put in place on their servers. Once you have exceeded your allotted bandwidth for a specific period of time Yahoo gives you this Error 999 message and doesn't allow you to access the service. and yes their is a reason, and yes yahoo are very aware of it

    LINK >

    Error 999 is a code yahoo has in place, a censoring code. A code to stop whatever you are browsing / posting .

    Yahoo / and answers being part of Yahoo, use error 999 as a censoring tool.

    you are placing something in your answer that Yahoo does not want others to see, if a link is not yahoo related, and it is posted alot, it automatically goes on a bann list, yahoo have this list of URLS and if posted too much that list automatically banns those URLS. Yahoo can remove the links from the list so they cannot b banned but i do not see them doing that in the near future

    If you are using a helpful link in your answer you want to share with people that makes their cyber life easier, remove the link and repost, it will go through ..continue answering questions this way till the bann is lifted ... the bann will last about 48 hours, then be lifted , and keep returning if you keep posting the same link.

    or remove the http:// from the link and just post with www.

    You can do a few things if you are impatient ( re cleanup computer, dump temp files etc) but this will not help error 999 the best option if you have a dynamic IP is to do a full "flick of the switch", and when you power back up you will come back with a new IP, ( with some turn off comp for 4 hours), but usually you get a new IP when you power up straight after the shutdown, you can continue posting the link under the new IP, this seems to be the best option.

    Below are 3 answers from people that eliminate the problem;_ylt=AiC2b...

    Source(s): all info from the freecreed site on profile.This helpful link has been banned from being posted on answers - error 999 .. and yes error 999 IS a bann
  • 4 years ago

    Glad I found this page tonight, because I was trying to post in one Yahoo Group a number of times today, and no go, On two occasions after sending detailed notes, I received the generic auto reply with Yahoo's help desk suggestions and recommendations to contact my ISP. I tried whatever fixes I could that I had read elsewhere, such as deleting temporary files on my browser, trying different browsers, and shutting down and booting up again. To no avail. This obviously seems like a major bug. I also notice that the default page it goes back to isn't my normal Yahoo Groups page, so I suspect they did some changes and something backfired. Hope they address it soon!

  • 4 years ago

    I am trying to check my EmialAddress but error 999 want let me check it, this is a problem that i have every time i get on a computer to check my EmialAddress. So could yall please fix it for me so I want keep having this problem when I get on a computer to check my EmailAddress. thank you very much.

  • 4 years ago

    I'm not trying to answer questions. I'm trying to retrieve my conversation history. I also get "can't process, try back later" I don't even get an I'm sorry.

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    1 decade ago

    As you know, until you reach level 5 you are limited on the number of questions you can answer each day. Are you sure you didn't hit your limit? Sometimes they tell you "Sorry, you hit your limit" but sometimes you get that annoying "error 999" message.

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