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Will sleeping pills reduce anxiety?

Like if you just take half a sleeping pill during the day will it reduce anxiety? Because I was reading that valerian root is used to treat insomnia in larger doses and anxiety in lighter doses during the day... can you do the same with regular sleeping pills?


Well, all this advice is fine and great but I can't afford real anxiety medication. Been to the doctor and tried stuff already... anything effective is too expensive... so I'm resorting to any way that I can to get this elephant off my back... I have no choice but to try crappy alternatives.

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    You do not want to be trying to function while having taken a sleeping pill. It will get to you and it is technically against the law to be driving and is the equivalent of a DUI if you are caught. Also, please read more on Valerian root because although it is "known" in the herbal community to help anxiety there have been numerous cases and studies done and it has been found to cause hallucinations and is in fact an hallucinogenic. I have severe anxiety and I know that hallucinations would definitely only make my anxiety much worse and not better. My sleeping meds only help me to sleep and do not help my anxiety. I hope you can go to a Dr. and get a prescribed medication for your anxiety and if not then look into St. John's Wort. Good luck~

    EDIT: There are free clinics offered everywhere. If you live in a small community then go to the closest big city and they will have clinics that are free and/or go on a sliding scale based on your income alone. There are ways to get assistance you just have to reach out. Contact your State's Disability office and ask for an Advocate. Even if you are not on disability they will help you. The Salvation Army has Advocates that can help too. I wish you the best~

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    Sleeping Pills For Anxiety

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    Speaking from experience, the answer is yes, sleeping pills do reduce anxiety. Many drugs prescribed to me to reduce anxiety also make you sleep. For example Ativan can be used to treat panic or anxiety or insomnia. If I were in your shoes and could not afford to get the real drugs then I would try sleeping pills. Once you feel more calm then I suggest you put in some work into positive thinking, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. This is stuff you can work on your own or with a support group. You will also find a lot of free resources on the net. Your improvement here will be slow and there will be setbacks, so do what you can to feel better.

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    I wouldn't play around with medication. I was actually prescribed an anti-anxiety med to help me sleep, (opposite of what you're asking,) but doctors do treat symptoms of one kind with medication for another sometimes. But don't experiment on your own. I will not sleep for 1 minute without the Prescription, & I've been on them for 9 yrs. I think if you did take a sleeping pill, even 1/2 dose it wouldn't decrease anxiety, but cause drowsiness, & its dreadful trying to function while drowsy. If you need help with sleeping, try Melatonin or Valerian Root like you said. Better sleep at night will help lesson anxiety during the day. But if there's nothing wrong with your sleep, then taking sleeping pills will screw up your system. Sorry about the anxiety you're experiencing though, have you ever tried essential oils? There are several that address anxiety issues. They'll have info on them at your local health food store.

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    It is not correct to say anxiety is reduced by the sleeping pills. What it does is to make you sleep and when you sleep you do not have any worries. And once after sleep you are more refreshed and your apprehensions and anxiety comes down. But if you take a pill and do not sleep then you will feel drowsy and will be very tired.

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    No, sleeping pills do not work like that. Trazadone is very good for anxiety ( I take it) and it is very cheap. I take 150 mg per day. I can get a bottle of 100 for under $30 and that lasts 100 days. I don't know if your doctor would feel as if this was right for you, but it is inexpensive and does work. You probably won't start out with 150 mg so it will be even less expensive for you to try it.

    Good luck to you. I am so sorry, you must be miserable.

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    They might, but sleeping pills are designed to make you drowsy. Drugs that reduce anxiety effectively and quickly are the benzodiazepines which are tranquilizers. Drugs like Valium, Klonopin, and Xanax are benzodiazepine tranquilizers. The only problem is that these drugs are habit-forming and they are also controlled substances which means you need a doctor's prescription to get them and their use is monitored by the DEA.

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    If you are a natural person you should try cognitive behavioral therapy. It was the only thing that has helped me with my horrible health anxiety. Read here

    Your thinking determines your quality of life. Your thinking is what causes you these feelings:

    Anxious, fearful, stressed or depressed

    Constantly worried, or angry about something that is happening in your life

    Struggling to overcome obsessive and negative thoughts.

    If you change your thinking, you will change your life. This is the basic idea behind CBT for anxiety. The Cognitive part is where you learn nee methods and ways to change your same old habits and thinking patterns. If you keep thinking and expecting the worst – You will continue to suffer.

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