okay second time If my fiance looks at gay porn is he gay?

We are engaged and have a baby who will be here in a coulple of months, (no diseases) that came up in some of my last answers.

But I found that he actually types in "gay nude porn" on his google search when looking for porn.

Now my question is "If this is a repeated action, does that make him gay, or just into looking at that stuff but nothing further" I need help-getting married next month!

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    1 decade ago
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    It's been my experience that "bisexual" guys like myself will Google gay porn when in a long-term relationship with a women. We do the reverse when with a man (it‘s a way of keeping that side of us in check). He may just be curious...or possibly bisexual. I doubt he's completely "gay"...he wouldn't have taken his affair with you this far.

    I thinks he's either "bi-curious" or something like this. Many men who are, never talk about it with their girlfriends....it comes out in other ways. You might want to sit him down...in a nice private setting....and confront him in a calm, collected, and subdued manner. Not judging or becoming emotional would be your best way of asking the question, "do you fanaticize about guys also"...etc.

    A little wine before hand wouldn't hurt (but not drunk).

    What will you do if he says that "he might be"? I hope you will accept that part of him. This doesn't mean he has the right to screw around on you....it just means you accept this aspect of him.

    Now, if he says that "I was just curious, or it was a mistake"...then don't press him. He might be telling you the truth, at which you should accept the answer (for now). If he's not telling you the truth...it'll come out eventually, some how, some way.

    Either way, it's OK for him to be "bisexual" I think the two of you can deal with that (probably)...but if he's "gay", that's completely different. Being married to a gay man (unless it's an open relationship) can't be good for either of you...or the child. Why? Because he'll long for other men (I know I would) and he’s and yours bitterness and resentment will eventually boil over. I've seen this happen before.

    You definitely need to find out these things before you marry him! This world doesn't need another broken marriage. This can and probably will be a very difficult time for you and him. I pray you make it through without to much grief and anguish.

    Talking with someone you can trust....trust.....would be something to consider. You couldn't keep this bottled-up for long. Talk to someone....someone you can confide in before making any rash decisions. Remember, the baby has a mother and a father. Whatever you do....never shut him out of the baby's life.

    Good luck with this problem....it's a doosy!

    Good luck and my peace be with you...-Vinny.

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    1 decade ago

    Stop all plans for getting married to this man....You have ample evidence that he is closeted, or in denial, or using you as his closet door. He may not be aware of it, but I know of no truly straight men who enjoy gay porn. He may be bi, but if you marry, it will only be a matter of time when porn is not enough. And, even on the surface, if he is fantasizing in sex, wouldn't you prefer he be fantasizing about Pamela Anderson than Brad Pitt? I am Gay, was married for years, have two sons, loved my wife greatly, but when I met THE man, there was no stopping me...beyond my control, and I mean that literally. Your fiance' owes you total honesty, and you are not getting it. It is your life he is about to screw up, let alone his. You deserve an honest man in love, If he is bi, then let him admit it. Just because he is bi doesn't mean he will be messing with men, but the chances are considerably higher. On the other hand, IF your husband were to step out on you, would you prefer it to be with another man (not so threatening) or with a woman? good luck

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    "If my fiance types in "gay nude porn" on Google search, does that make him gay?" LMFAO- Greatest. Question. Ever. Seriously though, if he enjoys being with you then he's probably bisexual. But if he's that unsatisfied with the relationship that he's looking up porn right in front of you, I'd say that's the bigger issue.

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  • 4 years ago

    I say, as long as he's not completely gay and in denial, I'd say you got lucky, girl!!! *throws confetti* Do you know what I would give to find a nice bi boyfriend I could watch M/M porn with?

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    There is no way of knowing, and it depends on what you mean by gay. If he is looking at gay porn he is definitely interested in intercourse between males. That doesn't mean he engages in it.

    It is entirely your call, but you should talk to your fiancee about this. Keep in mind he will most likely become very upset.

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    He types "Gay Nude Porn" on his google search when looking for porn?

    You don't need us to point you to the truth, my dear lady.

    Best of luck.

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    He could be bi-sexual...since he's already getting the woman half of it. Ask him it's better to know now than 5 years down the road with more children.

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    Yes he's gay!! Or at least bi. Why don't you talk to him about it? You should not even be thinking about marriage with that kind of uncertainty.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This sounds like a conversation you need to be having with your fiancee, not a bunch of strangers that have no clue what to tell you here.

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