Why do people judge you differently if you don't look like everyone else?

Ok, i went to this homeschool fair, a few of people were nice, but a few ladies who were selling books seemed tense and 'watchful', like I was going to steal one of their precious books or something. Now really, I'm a mom with 2 kids looking through the books and they stand there looking over me. I put their books down and walked away, but what right do they have to assume. Okay so I wore jeans and a skull t-shirt, that doesn't make me any less a Christian than the ones who wear the nice clothes and mommy dresses that look stupid.

I won't conform, no matter what the cost. These are mainly Christian people there selling books, i found it sickening that they are so far in delusion with their own selves, they can't accept another.

Your thoughts?

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    Sorry to hear that you went through that. I myself don't like wearing the "mommy dress" and youo will find me in jeans and shirts that have diffrent...but clean images on them. Some people Christain or not are like that. Sad that we find them more in our churches because we feel they should know better. When i first got saved i realized that alot of women where judging me and my faith buy the way i dressed or how i talked. And even though i was not showing skin and swearing they felt that as a christian there is a code you live by. I think other. See my faith and devotion is to God and him alone and if he forgave me of my sins then i have nothing to worry about. I look the other way at people like that and i pray for them. Because that is what a true christian will do.

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    You're probably being irrational as well, assuming they were eyeing you cos you looked different. But, let's assume for argument's sake that this was the case.

    People don't like change. They don't like things that do not conform with the norm. This is because it goes against the comfort zone that they are used to. Anything that disrupts this will throw up a red flag. I'm sure you have heard of Racial Profiling.

    I have been judged for how I looked - wearing all black, make up and having hair that looks like one of those little troll dolls will do that. But I'm not a bad person. Most of the time. :)

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    Shiver me timbers! My aren't we full of ourselves? I find your question funny for many reasons. First, you are judging them that they were judging you. Could they not have been wanting to help you or perhaps they watch everyone? I am sure you believe what you think, but you could be wrong and just as guilty regardless.

    Second, you dress "your way" and feel you are being looked down upon. Yet, by your snotty remarks about other ways to dress you are equally snotty! If you are so sure and confident in the way you dress why do you worry what others think?

    I am sure that people will judge you by your appearance at times. But, if you dress the part what else are people to go on? If you wear a police officer uniform some one may run up to you for help I can just hear you now say hey hey hey don't judge me man! It is that simple.

    People would be so much better off if they just worried what God thinks about our appearance and actions.

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    I'd say it has alot to do with fear of the unknown, and fear of what propaganda has told them of such things. People do like to judge a book by it's cover, and one thing I've learnt about that is if you apply it to clothes and appearance you are oft to be deceived by those who enjoy 'dressing up' and costumery.

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    Why do people assume they are being judged when someone looks at them? Could be that they were curious, or they thought you were really beautiful, or you reminded them of someone else. Try to give people the benefit of a doubt before you judge THEM.

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    fundies go for a conversative look and react most negatively to all aught besides. I'm a Catholic with a poneytail. You should see them run when i walk by.

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    Romans 12:2

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    1 decade ago

    when you willingly remove yourself from the norms of society.

    then you must expect the results.

    i do not get mad when people (mainly the police) treat me differently because i look different or do different things.

    when i am sitting on the sidewalk smoking a 3 foot tall Hookah, while wearing a tye-dyed neon light up trench coat.

    and a purple top hat with yellow feathers in it. i expect the police to question me. and i expect people to yell "freak" from their cars. i expect people to take pictures and laugh

    and i do not care. because that is simply who i am. i am a 6'4" 400 pound guy that wears bright colors and flamboyant hats.

    i do not expect to be treated "normal" by anyone but people that are not normal themselves.

    if i may quote the R.H.C.P.

    "way out there, but i dont care, because this is what i want to wear. "

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    5 years ago

    We are all equal when viewed on a macro-level perspective - we are human beings. On the micro-level perspective, each of our physical characteristics and mental structures are unique, hence the discrimination. If everyone looks and behaves the same way, there would have been peace on this world.

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    That's really what you're after isn't it..., I mean get real with yourself. None of the rest of us are fooled by this.

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