does anyone els suffer from ESSENTIAL TREMOR? I want to know the treatment how the drugs react to your condi?

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    I also suffer with BET (benign essential tremors). I am taking 60 mg. of propranolol ( generic for Inderal) each day. I have to be sure to drink enough fluids to keep my pressure up. My tremors are in my hands, and if I don't take the meds, you can't read my writing.

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    My Husband was diagnosed with essential tremors about 2 years ago. He see a neurologist twice a year and is on enderol (not sure if spelling is correct) they have finally regulated the dosage. it was a lot of trial and error. But he kept fooling around with the dosage to see what worked best for him. Depending on the dosage he would be really tired or cold all the time, but it always stopped the tremors.He now takes 1 pill every couple days, and if he knows he has a stressful meeting coming up he will take another one before the meeting. He said the meds kick in about an hour. The Dr's did tell him that stress will make the tremors worse.

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    To learn more about it go to:

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