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Can anyone Jewish please honestly tell me what Jews think of Christians?

Being a Christian I love the Jewish people. I love them for their heritage and the fact that they are, as the Lord put it, the original olive tree. We are merely grafted into the original tree. I feel when I read the bible that your family and history is my family and history. But I don't think they feel the same about us. What is your honest personal opinion of real born again Christians? Please don't answer this if you're not Jewish. Thanks.


HawaiianBrian - It saddened me greatly to read what you wrote. You are right. There is and always has been anti-Semeticism in the world. That is a terrible thing. But honestly, it wasn't done by us Christians. Hitler was NOT a Christian and many of us hold not a tie to other religions that we are grouped in with as being the same as us, who did atroceties to others. I can see why we all look the same to you though.

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    Jews, for the most part, are very defensive toward Christians. There are a number of reasons for that.

    First, Jews do not understand a faith that Proselytizes, or tries to convince others to follow their way. Judaism is a non-proselytizing religion. You will not find Jews our trying to convince someone to convert to Judaism. Since the Christian faith is exclusive, holding to the truth that Jesus Christ is the Messiah for everyone and that no one can spend eternity with God without Him, they feel like Christians who share Christ with them are merely trying to get them to no longer be Jewish.

    THAT leads to the second reason. For centuries, people have been trying to destroy the Jewish people. Because of this history of being hated and all the attempts to wipe them out, they are REALLY sensitive to anyone who might be trying to do that. They equate Christians who witness as just another group trying to eliminate Jews.

    I know this because for 24 years of my life, I was taught this way and felt this way. Events in my life, and a good friend who gently shared her concern for me and how Jesus was actually the Jewish Messiah that we had been waiting for all these years, got me to actually listen, study, and learn about Christ. Back in 1980, I received Jesus as my Messiah. I am still Jewish (although most other Jews will tell you that it is not true) but I follow Christ.

    There are ways for Christians to reach the Jewish people, but it take time, care and extraordinary sensitivity to how they think and what they believe.

    I thank God that that kind of person came into my life.

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    I can't speak for all 16 million Jews worldwide, only for myself.

    I keep hearing we are a Judeo-Christian nation, but in the state I live, Easter is a state holiday and not Passover. (neither should be).

    Our Lt. Governor was quoted as saying: "Hawai'i belongs to Jesus." "Our schools will become God's schools; our community will become God's community; our city will become God's city; our Islands will become God's Islands; our state will become God's state; and our Hawai'i will become God's Hawai'i." (Guess he forgot that our Governor happens to be Jewish!) The sad part is it only caused a tiny stir, and then was forgotten. He just announced last week he's running for Governor.

    It doesn't help when Christianity has been tied to anti-Semitism. (To be clear, this is thankfully a minority of Christians). During the holocaust, far too many godly Christians were silent if not complicit… the Vatican in particular. Others bigots have found the robes of Christianity needed no tailoring.

    “What shall we do with ... the Jews? ...set fire to their synagogues and schools and bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a stone or cinder of them.”

    — Martin Luther

    “Christ was the greatest early fighter in the battle against the world enemy, the Jews... The work that Christ started but could not finish, I will conclude.”

    — Adolf Hitler

    A guy says, "I hate Jews," and I said, "Why?" He goes, "Because they killed my God." They believe that. If I believed that the Jews killed my God, I'd worship the Jews, 'cause sh*t, there's some badasses on that team, man. I haven't seen God ever, I see Jews all the time – go figure.

    — Bill Hicks

    Assuming you buy into the fallacy that the Jews are guilty of deicide (killing of God), one must ask how is it even possible for mortals to kill an immortal? Either you didn’t really kill them, or they weren’t really divine immortals (On this last point, one could argue Jesus came to earth in human form – yet he still had magical divine powers to perform miracles, come back from dead, etc.).

    In a sense the Jewish people were the first atheists since they denied the existence of the “messiah – god’s son”, in the same way today’s atheists deny the existence of his father and all other ‘manufactured’ gods. My being an atheist could therefore be considered a logical extension of my Jewish roots.

    “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”

    — Stephen Roberts, (1723-1792)

    Perhaps deicide is a victimless crime. You can’t be guilty of killing something that was never real to begin with ....

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    I am Jewish, and I have complete respect for Christianity and other religions. I do not think I am better than anyone, and I do not look down on Christians for their beliefs. Some of my best friends in the whole world are Christian, and religious, and we are still connected through the root of our religion, and I would lovethem no matter what. I have attended Christian services and found them just as beautiful and wonderful as Jewish ones. There may be some Jews who do look down upon Christianity, but you cannot classify all of us by one persons thoughts. So to answer your question... we love you too :]

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    I'm christian, but I have a new boyfriend who's Jewish. He and his family have been nothing but kind and considerate of me and very respectful. I don't think there's any one thing that they all think about every christian. They look at the individuals and base their decisions on what seems to be in the person's heart.

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    I am Jewish and love Christians. The only problem is that many of them are anti-semites (or people that discriminate against Jews.) We have nothing against any religion.

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    Speaking for myself, we like Christians. We occasionally roll our eyes at 'Goys'; the waspy country-club types, but it's great to be supported. Overall, Jews tend to have some natural affinity for Catholics, but totally cool with Christianity. Personally, the Jews like the more religious christians for Israel and shared value systems.

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    I have a Jewish friend in Israel who, after much prodding, revealed to me that the Jews he knows think Jesus was a charlatan, and probably homosexual, but certainly just a man. He personally thought it was unkind to tell me that, and he thinks Jesus was probably a prophet.

    So, at least in Israel, their opinion of Jesus being what it is, it probably makes us Christians look somewhat foolish.

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    different jews believe different things about christians. the majority are tolerant and accepting. all they think about christians as a whole is that they have different beliefs.

    it's ridiculous to assume that ALL jews think the same thing about christians.

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    They laugh at you for worshipping someone they knew to be a mere mortal.

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