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Mary Kay Ash, is there any more information?

I have 2 links with information on them, but it doesn't have enough. Here are the links.

Can anyone find any more website references? I need a total of 5 different ones with a lot of information. Thanks!

She is a hard person to search for. :(


I'm not talking about Mary Kate and Ashley so do not post any links to them. I'm looking for Mary Kay Ash the famous cosmetics entrepreneur who started the pink Cadillac fad.

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    both company are nicely universal and been round for decades i comprehend many those that attempted Avon and had a not ordinary time getting funds. i guess like some thing it fairly relies upon. I easily were a Mary Kay shopper for 11 years and a representative for 5 years. I easily were an Avon shopper on and stale over the years. My options are opposite the man who stated that's way less expensive convinced Avon is way less expensive so each and every of the further you may want to promote. women all and multiple is spending funds on skincare and make up pass t the dep. shops and also you'll see them so the shopper base is there yet you want to locate them so promoting some thing you want and remember on is what's major. analyze both advertising and marketing plans verify with an Avon and a Mk representative and ask questions. convinced it does value extra to commence with MK inspite of the indisputable fact that you get a lot for the money too so make confident you're comparing wisely. it form of feels those who do not comprehend data are deceptive human beings into believing you should purchase inventory in Mary Kay this isn't precise so again talking to someone in both agencies and getting data is how you'll pass that's tremendous to stay in a international with options and options so do what's ideal for you no longer what different want you to have self belief is acceptable. With that stated also if everyone did not have self belief their company replaced into the acceptable then they ought to not be in it:)

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    Tons of information about Mary Kay Ash at:

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    email me i have lots of info about Mary Kay Ash, her company and the amazing women that worked for her and with her.

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    Try This One

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    Source(s): Sr. Independent Beauty Consultant Mary Kay
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