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how do i get my first drivers license when im 18?

alright, i will be 18m in 5 months. I have my permit but it expires on the 23rd of August and I have already re-newed it once. So how do i go about getting my drivers licence when im 18? will i need my permit? And if I do need it, will i be able to re-new it for the second time? (i havent driven very much lately so I would need to practice)


I live in Washington btw...sry.

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    I got my license three months before I turned 18 ... and had my permit renewed three times. Okay, you don't need a permit to get your license at 18. You can just walk in, wait in a line with a number ticket, and tell the desk that you want to take the test to get your license when you get there. You'll take the knowledge test first and it's $20 here but I guess it could be different for your area. When you pass that after however many times it happens to take, they will schedule your final drive with someone who works there. You'll come back in in your own vehicle on that day, have to show that your lights work, you have registration and proof of insurance and will take your drive. It's easy. My drive took like ten minutes from start to finish. Don't worry about renewing your permit if you don't want to but don't get caught practicing (I would still get it renewed though). So many people just walk in at 18 flat without one and go about getting a license. Go to the DOL (Department of Licensing) and ask them if you have questions still. Pick up a driving laws book while you are at it, they help so much for the knowledge test. Good luck, feel free to email me if you want to.

    **Permits last a year before expiring in Washington and you have to be at least 15 to get one.

    Source(s): That is for Washington state, your good to go!
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    In the state of Washington, if you are under 18, you must complete driver's ed to get your driver's license. If I were you, I would renew the permit and get some practice driving in and wait until you turn 18 to get your license. Then all you have to do is pass the driving test. Good luck

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    Pends on what state your in, different states have different laws re-guarding licenses. in California when you have a permit, you need to take the drivers Edd classes. and pass a driving test, as well as a written. When your 18 all you have to do is pass the written and take the behind the wheel test. Once you get your license, if your under 18, it will be provisional and you can not have anyone under 18 in the car unless with an adult. Remember practice makes perfect.

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    18 and over

    How do I get a new Washington State driver license?

    If you have never had a driver license before and are over 18, follow the steps below:

    Visit a driver licensing office. Bring with you:

    Proof of residence and identity.

    Cash or check to pay your $45 license fee ($20 for your application and $25 for your license).

    Complete a driver license application, which includes:

    your address and phone number.

    a physical description, (height, weight and eye color).

    your place of birth and mother’s maiden name.

    a physical and mental fitness statement.

    previous driver license information, if any.

    suspensions, revocations, or cancellations of prior driver licenses.

    your social security number, which is mandatory to help enforce child support laws. Your social security number will be verified but does not appear on your license.

    Pass a written test. (The written test must be completed before you can schedule a driving test.)

    Take a vision test and demonstration of color recognition.

    Pass a driving test. (If you plan to practice for your driving test, you will need to get an instruction permit.)

    How long will it take to get my license?

    You will receive a temporary license at the driver licensing office, which will allow you to drive for 45 days. Your new finalized Washington driver license will be processed and mailed to you within 5 days. If for some reason you have not received your new license within 20 days, please contact the Department of Licensing at (360) 902-4071 or email the Photo Return Desk:

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    permit usually lasted for five years so you got yours when you were 13? really and you renew it once already your jjjoshing right:)

    Yesyou need your permit to get a liscense and yes you can renew it depend on the stateyou live in which some will required you to take the regulation test over.

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    I'm assuming that you've taken Drivers Ed. so, you should go to the secretary of state and see where you can take your Road test and your written test, if you pass, you can get your license.I dont know if its different but in Michigan we get our license at 16 years old.

    Source(s): I've done it
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    State specific?

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    It all depends on the state you live in.

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    You would have to renew it then try for it or take a driving class and then get

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