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New Battery for my Dell m1210 xps Notebook?

I want to get a longer battery for my notebook for when I travel, I have no clue what I will need, but something in the area of a 6-9 hour battery life. Thanks in advance.

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    Just go to Dell website and order extra battery online. The battery is as follows:

    1) Dell Kit-6-Cell Lithium Ion Spare Primary Battery For Latitude. Dell MOD : DG820


    2) Dell Kit-9-Cell Lithium Ion Spare Primary Battery For Latitude. Dell MOD : NG031

    No.2 got longer battery life.

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    Here are a few ideas to get better battery life while traveling:

    1) Reduce what the pc is doing. Goto the task manager and stop any unnecessary programs from running, Also try to stop extra hardware from running. Example you wireless card if you are just watching a movie on a flight and so on.

    2) The more RAM you have means the less the HD will spin as a result you will have improved battery life.

    3) In regards to a battery:

    Usually the more cells the battery has the longer the battery life will be. Plus it is always a good idea to cycle the new battery.

    Plug it in and let it charge for 24 hrs or overnight. Then use the computer with just the battery until the laptop shuts down. Then plug the AC adapter in and, again, charge for 24 hrs or over night. This will let me battery know its limits of charged and dead.

    4) this is advanced but you can goto the device manager and disable hardware you are not going to use. Example USB Ports, Ethernet card, 1394 controller, floppy (If you have one) and so on. This is advanced though and has certain steps associated with disabling hardware, so send me an email if you would like to know how. The cool thing is that you PC will ask you which hardware profile to use when it starts. So if you are watching a movie you would click the appropriate profile we setup. Or by default it goes to the first profile in 30 seconds.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): I fix computers for home and business users for a living. I have setup many hardware profiles for business professionals B4.
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    6-9 hours? im guessing you fly a lot

    lets see...get a second battery (Dell does make one that goes in optical bay, but im not sure if thats an option or the xps series notebooks), but if your watching DVD's while you travel. that rules that out..

    one of those multi-purpouse (sp) Ac inverters could work too.. car cig lighter /airplane power jack type...

    i dont think even the high end 9 cell Dell laptop batteries get 6-9 hrs on one continuous charge, but I could be wrong

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    Honestly you probably wont find a stock batter that can do that... you can put a unversal batter pack attached to the bottom of the laptop (it plugs into your laptop in the same place your power connector does) You would have to go to the Source, Circuit City or Frys to get that. Otherwise just get extra batteries from ebay or an auto/airline adapter

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    I had a similar subject in straightforward terms on an xps M1530 yet besides, the charger should not be the subject, and the warrenty probley expired. you ought to prefer a clean battery. if no longer then between the battery connecters must be bent or broken from interior the motherboard, thats the only element i will think of of on the 2nd.

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    I'd say go to the Dell website but it is so slow during the day. Call Dell at 1-800-915-3355, ask for Sales Support.

    They'd be more than happy to sell you a new battery. ;)

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