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mazal-tov!!! today i bought a flight ticket to london...?

i'm going to england for couple of month's,

and i'm staying in london while working.

i need help with prices of stuff i live on like :



internet caffe...

it will help me to assume how much money to bring with me.


why i'm asking this in the israeli section???

first it's a travel , after it's israel,

second i want the opinions of israelis...


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    Enjoy your visit, but don't forget that here in Israel we're waiting for your return with Lafas smeared with Charrif and schug and shwarmaa and Humus. Meet ya at Abulafia ubanav.

    PS I heard the Humus in England is nasty but I'm sure you can find some nice tea and crumpets with marmalade overthere

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    Better warn you that as from the 1st July (just 2 weeks to go) smoking in enclosed public places will be illegal in England.

    No smoking in bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, shul on Shabbat! - so now is your chance to give it up.

    Up to about 10 years ago just about everybody smoked in Israel - even the doctor that was treating my wife down in Eilat was smoking at the same time.

    But the Israeli's have caught up. People have or are stopping - and so can you.

    So how are you going to manage on the flight?

    Only 5 hours in the air but no smoking in the airports and the waiting areas makes it a lot longer.

    As far as beer is concerned - if you're looking for cheap beer go to a Wetherspoons pub. Theres loads of them around the country. There you'll pay around £1.70 (14 shekels) for a pint (just over half a litre).

    Internet cafes are cheap - about the same as in Israel.

    Interesting to note that you are only interested in smoking, beer and the Internet.

    Instead of coming to England why don't you have a couple of months in a bar in Tel Aviv - would be a lot cheaper and you can smoke and drink yourself to death.

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    Take all you have.

    Cigarettes over 5 pounds for 20.

    Beer, by the pint anything from 1.80 to 5.00 and beyond.

    Internet cafe, not too bad but varied. take a lap top if possible and get a month by month subscription to a wireless network, you can use in many coffee shops.

    Good luck in London!

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    Everything's more expensive than Israel except supermarket food. Especially cigarettes, accommodation and travel.

    From "The hypocrite".

    Shalom. Lay'la tov.

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    Oh sorry, I was born in London, so I guess if you want the advice from Israelis ??.....

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    I haven't been to London but you can check this out:

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    Mazal tov.!!!

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    Have fun !

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