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Shakespeare invented human nature as we know it?

According to Professor Harold Bloom....How far do you agree?


I think what Bloom means is if you yourself in Shakespeare you become changed , and his influence is everywhere so we are all affected.

Update 2:

Sorry- if you immerse yourself in shakespeare you become changed

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    Shakespeare didn't invent human nature. What he did was to describe and portray human nature in a way that had never been attempted before. Up until Shakespeare's writings, many characters were one-dimentional and represented a Virtue or a Vice. They were allegorical. Shakespeare's characters were multi-dimentional and realistic; even his villians had some redeeming qualities. By portraying characters as real people, Shakespeare entered a whole new era of fiction and drama. He might be said to have honestly portrayed human nature on the stage, but he did not "invent" human nature. He was just the master of portraying it.

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    I don't agree.

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