What are some of the top colleges for special education?

I have a B.S. degree in deaf education, and I'd like to pursue my master's in special education. I'm considering Ohio State University, but I wonder what other programs are considered "high-quality."


I have a family, so I'm kind of rooted in Ohio. But I would love to take on-line classes!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The University of Kansas has an excellent department of special education - so does the University of Nebraska at Lincoln - you will love Nebraska if you have BS in deaf ed because Boystown is near, too. Boystown is such an awesome place. I have a MS in speech-language pathology and although I didn't attend Nebraska, I sure wish I would have because their department of special education and department of communication disorders is in the same building and work very closely with each other - with Boystown so close - I think its a great choice! Good luck.

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    Go Buckeyes!! I got my Ph.D. In special education from The Ohio State University. To be close by to such a high caliber program is definitly a plus. Just do it! They have so many opportunities to do your student teaching and practicums at different types of schools with different populations. My second choice was University of Oregon. There is such a huge shortage of good, qualified special education teachers you will be able to get a job anywhere with a degree from either place.

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    I know you are set on going to Ohio State, but University of Wisconsin at La Crosse and University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire are some of the best in the Midwest. It doesn't matter what type of specialized education major but that's just my opinion.

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