What's the easiest way to share music between two iPods with iTunes installed on two separate computers?

My brother just bought an iPod and wants all the music in my library. (Greedy isn't he?) Could someone give me some advice on how to share my music with him?

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    You could try authorizing his computer through your account and let him take the music he wants. You can authorize up to five computers. Or copy to his ipod. Unlimited copies to ipods are allowed. Check ipod help section. Transferring between PC and Macs may not be so simple.

    Source(s): From ipod help: Question: Can I update more than one iPod with my computer? Answer: Yes. Each iPod communicates a unique device identification number to your computer, allowing you to take advantage of automatic music transfers to your iPod even if you share a computer with another iPod user. You can choose to automatically update your entire music collection on multiple iPod players or choose to update selected playlists, allowing you to transfer custom playlists to individual iPod players.
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    If you are using a Mac, google "Senuti" and download that program. Using it, copy all the music off the iPod, and then plug in the other iPod. An empty library will appear. Press Command+O and find the folder that Senuti put all the music in. Select all the music in it. Now sync the previously-empty iPod. Ta-da!

    If you are using Windows, your best bet is to figure out what folder all your music is in. Then delete all the music in iTunes (NOT on your computer; just go to the Library in iTunes, press Ctrl+A, and delete). Go to the iPod preferences in iTunes, and turn on Disk Use. Your iPod now shows up as a drive. Copy all your music on to it in a NEW folder (not the Music folder). Then go to your brother's computer, plug in your iPod, it appears as a drive, paste all the music off, open his (empty, I presume) Library, put all your music in it, and sync.

    Neither are simple and both are ILLEGAL, FYI. This is why Apple doesn't have a built-in, simple way of doing this. I accept no legal responsibility for your actions.

    Of course, the easiest way of all is to loan him the CDs you got the music from, and let him rip his own copies. You did buy the music in the first place, riiiiiight? xD

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    Share Music On Itunes

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    If he connects his ipod to your pc he can copy your library to his ipod. There is sofware you can download that will allow you to transfer music from ipod to pc. I think it's called Podplus.

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    just plug his ipod into your computer then open itunes then sync it (if you know how) just go file then sync and then it will go onto his

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