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Cat losing weight?

Peachy is a 6 yr old neutered male housecat. He's the oldest of 5 cat siblings & is the alpha cat.

He's up to date on his innoculations & vet visits.

Last year all the cats were getting a bit hefty, so we started feeding them high end weight control formula, advised by the vet, who told us not to expect results for a couple of months. After about two months we noticed Peachy was looking more svelte. Success! But the others didn't lose any weight.

Then we adopted another kitten & because we couldn't keep the food separated, the vet ok'd us feeding all of them kitten food. They're now eating Nutro Kitten. They eat it like it's Lucky Charms.

At the same time, Peachy's littermate died. He was a very troubled cat & the tension in the house left with him & he was always fighting with Peachy as well but Peachy seems depressed since he died. Why, if they didn't get along?

He's still losing weight & I wonder if that's a contributing factor. We've had bloodwork done twice and it's perfect. ??


He's a very sweet cat and gets lots of 'special time' with my husband and I. Actually, he gets a lot of special privileges and treats the others don't! LOL

He is eating, it's not that. He's just getting thinner and thinner and even the vet doesn't know why.

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    I have a cat with 'issues'--just a very tempermental cat & I got a plug-in device called Feliway from my vet. It plugs in like a Air freshner & it contains natural Pheromones which are "feel good" pheromones that naturally boosts their mood. I know that it sounds crazy, but it works. You can check it out at pet

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    Take her to a vet. Worms are a possibility but other conditions can cause weight loss and a standard blood test can rule them out. As my former cat aged, she became thinner due to very gradual kidney failure. She lived for several years with this condition, but was much thinner than in her youth. Diabetes can also be a cause. Some cats also lose weight seasonally. My old cat would get skinny in the summer and put it back on in winter. However, if this more extreme than typical seasonal variation, a trip to the vet to rule out all possible causes is appropriate.

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    I had a similier situation a few years back. We had 3 dogs, 2 older labs who got along wonderfully, and a mutt puppy. When our puppy was 6 years olds our 2 older dogs died, and although she had never got along with the other dogs she sank into a deep depression.

    For over a year she wouldn't eat, we kept her alive soley on treats, she wouldn't refuse those. She went through a false pregnacy after a few months, and her personality started to become very unstable.

    The vet finally put her on "puppy prozac", I'm sure they have the same for cats. I'd ask your vet. She also spent a few months with a pet therapist, recommeded by her vet. It worked wonders.

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    Animals get depressed just like humans. It is just harder for animals because you cant talk to them to tell them what happend. I was going to say that it could be worms but you got blood tests so it would have shown up in the blood tests. Try getting some of his favorite foods but lock him up somewhere alone. Maybe in your bedroom with his food and water. Time to be alone. Maybe spend more time then usual with him petting him to supply comfort. My cats like wet food, butter (less then a tea spoon), ham, tuna. Try those! Good luck. If he doesnt eat for more than 3 days, take him to the vet and they wil have to feed him.

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    well it can be depression but it also can be a thyroid problem my cat i had just past away he also kept losing wieght he was a cat that had a normal wieght of 15-20lb when he past he was 7lb he ate an drank normaly to only way to find out is bring him to the vet they can find out in less then ten min with blood work when they hit over 5 years old the risk of thyroid problems increase its real common in older cats there is medicine out that the vet can give you (he would be on for rest of his life) or opt for surgery which will ussally fix it right away

    good luck

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