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y dont parents understand?

i need a new computer and my parents wont buy me one. sure my computer still a good computer but its to old to play online games like mu online. the graphic cards old or something and nee dmore ram. they wont even let me update my computer with that stuff. so what can i do i dont hav e a job or an imcome. to hot and dry for graas to gro to make money . do yall know how i can make games work/

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    Maybe you don't understand how much money it would cost to "just buy you a new computer"/update it, just because you'd like one that plays games on it. Your parents probably got you one for the purpose of doing homework, not to play games, get on myspace, or chit-chat on yahoo/msn.

    If you don't like it, get a job (most people who really want something would gladly do whatever it took to get the money they needed, including mowing lawns.) and buy your own computer instead of whining about how "unfair" you THINK your parents' are being.

    One day you'll understand the value/concept of money, and be grateful for what you DO have.

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    Get a job. There's probably someplace looking for part time work, even if it's too hot to mow grass.

    Or you could offer to do things around the house in exchange for a new graphics card.

    Or try to make money online using the My Game Space Program.

    Last, maybe you can find older games - there's a lot! Lots of fun games are in the bargain bins and don't need the fastest PC out there.

    Good luck!

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    I'm a parent and I do understand. I understand that you want to play these games, but there are differences between wants and needs. You're asking your parents to put out quite a bit of money for a new computer. Upgrades aren't quite as expensive. If you're not old enough to get a regular job, maybe you could approach your parents with some sort of deal. They may be more inclined to help you get the things you want if you show them you're willing to work toward getting them. Ask them to set some type of goal for you, or give you things to do around the house with the deal that if you do them they'll help you upgrade your computer. It could help, I know I'm a lot more willing to get expensive things for my kids when they are willing to work to get them.

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    I guess that's why they don't want to help you out.

    They know it's not for anything important.

    Your purpose for upgrading is so that you can play online games. Why would they want to waste their hard earned money on something that is not a priority.

    If it was for school or something more important and they denied you, then I would agree that they just don't understand.

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    I'll tell you the same thing I told my sons. As a parent I am obligated to cloth feed and house....and mix it with a little love and kindness. I am not obligated to buy expensive things jus because they want something.... so as I told them.... GET A JOB.

    Perhaps we parents do understand and it's actually the kids that don't.

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    Sounds like a case of tough luck there friend. Be grateful you have a pc at all. Try things like washing cars to earn money.

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    Dude, updating,

    That **** will ruin your computer, im 16 and shi, my parents ban me from weight lifting and i have to study ALOT on summers.

    Oh and you should be a male stripper if you think you are that hot.

  • your going to have to improvise or try installing programs that might meet your requirements. you can also try prosuading them with postive reasons. Good luck

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    mate i have the same problem

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