Where can i find some teflon tubing:?

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    There are a number of Fluoropolymer materials that are “generically” called Teflon

    (“Teflon” is a Dupont Registered Trademark)

    The most common are PTFE, FEP, PFA, etc.

    They each have different properties.

    So you need to know how it will be used in order to choose the right material.

    STAMP is an acronym which is commonly used in the Hose & Tubing Industry

    S Size

    The Inside Diameter (ID) and also the wall

    thickness if specified

    T Temperature

    The temperature of the chemical passing through

    the tubing

    as well as the temperature of the environment.

    A Application

    How is it being used?

    M Media

    What is chemical and concentration of the material

    passing through the tubing.

    P Pressure

    To what Pressure / Vacuum will the tubing be


    Are you looking for Smooth Bore or Corrugated tubing?

    (Corrugated tubing will allow a smaller bend radius, but it is obviously not as easy to clean, and usually requires special end connectors.)

    What type of End Connection will be required/installed?

    Unless you are looking for large quantities of tubing, I suggest you contact either a local industrial hose supplier or plastics supplier. They should be able to help you work out what product will do the best job for you.

    Some manufacturers’ websites that might be of interest:

    Resistoflex http://www.ptfe-hose.com/

    Everflex (Eaton) http://hydraulics.eaton.com/everflex/

    Saint-Gobain http://www.tygon.com/

    Page Int'l http://www.pageintl.com

    Teleflex http://www.teleflexhose.com

    Heat shrink tubing is a different type of product but would be subject/limited by similar issues.

    Texloc http://www.texloc.com/

    Medical applications would be a whole other category of products with a different set of specific additional concerns.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): 30 years in the Hose & Coupling Industry
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    A scientific supply house will have several varieties of fluorocarbon, fluorocarbon-lined, and fluorocarbon heat shrink tubing. Also McMaster-Carr, the supplier of everything. Also the Thomas Register, the list of everything. Google them.

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    ebay...sometimes, or on internet, or check out any chemical supply catalog

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