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Whatever happened to Jonathon Taylor Thomas (aka JTT)?

I haven't seen/heard anything about him since Home Improvement ended.

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    He's too old to be cute. He's too untalented to do adult shows or films. Give him a few years and he'll turn up on some tv show or another, though. Guys like him have a way of turning up when you least expect them.

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    Jonathan has completed even more movies, including Speedway Junky, Showtime's Common Ground, and Walking Across Egypt!!

    check out this website:

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    1 decade ago

    For now he has chosen to focus on his studies.

    He has taken several guest roles in different TV-shows including "Veronica Mars" and Smallville, but there's no news of him starring in a feature film at the moment.

    What the future brings is only guessing, but cross your fingers, and we might get him back on screen.

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    4 years ago

    My room became plastered along with his posters! i became in kiddie love! lol he remains tremendously lovable from what i've got considered of him the previous few years....yet i'm over the overwhelm he's all yours in case you nonetheless like him

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