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Difference between male and female Dobermans?

I am going to be purchasing a doberman puppy this summer, and i have not decided whether i want a male of a female dog. I have done a lot of reading and i have always grown up around male dobermans with no problem.. however i would personally prefer a female. Please give me your personal experiances and feedback. Thank you!

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  • Pam
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    I have both males and female dobermans. My personal experience, females are easier to train. Males take longer to mature and can be clowns.

    I have had all of them through puppy classes on up to Advanced Obedience, and the females (my females anyway)seem alot more eager to please, and ready for the next command or signal. My male now just 3 is starting to settle down, but... he'd rather just go play and be goofy. Don't get me wrong, I love him to death. The females are more responsive.

    As far as aggression, in 22 years, I've never had an aggressive dobe. However, if a stranger would try getting in my home, it would be a close call as to which dog would get to them first!

    In our home, the girls tend to stick with my husband unless it is "time to work" and the male is glued to my side.

    As someone mentioned, training is a must or they can become out of control. Make sure the pup you are getting is coming from HEALTH TESTED parents (vWD, OFA and Cardio are just a few, but the most important 3).

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    Sex has no baring as long as you don't have another dog as male Dobes are very same sex aggressive. With that said, the person selling the $250.00 puppies is a BACK YARD BREEDER and so is the one selling them for $375.00 You must have been born under a rock, as a pet quality puppy from a reputable show breeder in which both Sire and Dam are Champions, would cost you at LEAST $1800.00, which would include the ears already show cropped. You must not understand how things work, because my guess is that the person who has the $375.00 pups is telling you that they have champions in their pedigree/champion bloodlines, which means nothing. The parents are NOT Champions and I can promise you that. If you want to get a good dog, if your willing to spend the money of course, go to the DPCA Website and look at the breeder referral list for your area. Dobermans can have a TON of health issues, and unless you find someone who does genetic health testing, you might end up with more Vet bills than you can ever imagine. So, take my advice. You get what you pay for these both of these breeders are worth CRAP. Also, a Doberman will NOT protect your wife when you aren't home, unless it's been professionaly trained, which can cost thousands of dollars. Not only that, todays Doberman IS a softer temperamented dog than the Doberman of yesteryear. The intimidation factor is there, and their warning barks are there, but if someone were to have a gun, your dog would be as dead as a doorknob.

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    They are both technically the same. Dogs are like humans, girls and boys. We are all different, so are dogs. Dogs dont know what is "male, female" And dont know that there is a certain "way" to act, they just rely on themselves and what they want to do and be like.

    So the only thing is physical, no dobies are physically the same. Sometimes females can be larger than males.

    It just depends. But girls tend to be a bit more feminin looking, and some do act it. Also they have different hormone levels that can go up and down, so a female can be aggressive and territorial when they are in heat, or when they have babies. And boys can be the same way when other males are around. Those are instincts, and are there for a reason. But spaying/neutering can usually take that away.

    If you want a female go for it, both are equally loving, and can be trained, but beware because its how you train the dog and the natural way the dog is.

    Alot of people will say things like," My female dobie peed less than my female pug" For one, the breed dosent matter, like people just because your black and you had a cavity dosent mean white people dont get them. Were both human, and in the dogs case, Dogs.

    Or, "female dobies dont bark as bad as males, and males pee more then girls dobies in the house”

    Bull! Its your fault!!

    I have had both dogs, but I like males better for gaurding, and sometimes is just chance that I pick them. I have had over 10 dobies, both male and females. They all had different personalitys, and all looked phisically different. So it all just depends on you, and your dobie.

    Just pick the one you fall in love with, or your prefrence.

    Source(s): Dobie expert.
  • Sptfyr
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    I have a female Dobie. The only thing I can think of is that males of any breed tend to be more aggressive. However, being that they are Dobies you already have the potential for aggression in either sex. I personally like female dogs because they don't pee on my roses. Just make sure your get you puppy obedience trained as soon as it is old enough. My Dobie is a joy. She is so well behaved and hasn't had any aggression problems since her training which is a fabulous trait in Dobies. When properly trained they are extremely obedient. Also, as soon as you pup has had "all" of it's shot start introducing it to the world, other animals, and other people. Do Not take it into public without having all of it's shots. I can't stress that enough.

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  • KathyS
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    1 decade ago

    Every dog has a different personality. I dont think gender matters. I had a male dobie once too and he was the sweetest animal I ever had..the females I have met though were not too friendly but it really depends on the dog.

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    I have had both males and females over the years. No real difference other than the size. Females are always smaller. What counts is the tempermant and if the dog is attractive to you. Good luck, they are beautiful dogs!

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    Generally speaking the female will be smaller as an adult. Also females of any breed seem to be easier to train. Spay will be more expensive than a neuter.

  • Anonymous
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    Neutered males are usually goofier and more affectionate, while females tend to take themselves more seriously. But males do mark their territory. So either decision will be fine.

  • Anonymous
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    males are good but females I like better but make sure u train it because some of them will get vilent tored u and others good luck

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    She is a B**** and he isn`t

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