New Orleans French Quarter Restaurants for a Reception?

We are looking for a restaurant to hold a Saturday wedding reception luncheon for a private party of 16-20. The wedding ceremony will be small and somewhat plain but we would like the party after to be somewhere nice with a good atmosphere and a private dining room suited for this event. I am born and raised in New Orleans but I am not sure about which one to choose. My family tends to cut up a bit when they drink (we may be a bit loud LOL) so places like The Palace Cafe ect. may be too formal and restrained for my extended family's behavior. I was thinking about Bacco(never been but heard it's nice) or something similar because of its' location. We are staying at the Omni near the Convention center. Help me out locals! Thanks for your suggestions :)

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    What about considering a French Quarter hotel with a courtyard? Have the reception in a courtyard,and there shouldn't be a problem with noise. Try the Prince Conti, Saint Marie, or Place D' Arms. I'm sure they would all be happy to host a small reception. Or you could try the Court of Two Sisters. They have a lovely courtyard and excellent food. Tujague's has several small upstairs dining rooms and very good food--set menus. If you haven't been to these places, visit them if you have time and ask to see their sales manager. He or she would be happy to show you the facility and make suggestions for your reception.

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    i think of any of the resorts with a patio is a good suggestion.i does no longer issue approximately your loved ones's habit,human beings drink at weddings and it is New Orleans.I went to a ritzy wedding ceremony on the Wyndham motel and there grew to become right into a knock-down,drag-out combat. What relating to the returned patio at H.O.B.?downstairs,I went to a celebration there and it grew to become into great!

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    U may have a reference site for ur convenience. H ave a look at it.

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