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Are the 2007 Boston Red Sox better than the World Series Champion Red Sox of 2004?

Compare the 2007 Red Sox Offense, Defense, and Pitching with the 2004 Red Sox team.

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    i'd say they are better as a TEAM while in 04 they were better as individuals.....

    crisp is doing well at defense and has speed...lugo has speed as well but both don't have the batting avg....

    as for pitching...dice-k has potential....and won 6 straight decisions before losing the last 3...and he's 5th in the AL in K' he has potential...beckett is 9-0 (enough said)...and tavarez and wakefield are doing ok (look at wakefield tonight) despite getting little run support....

    youkilis is rising...along w/ beckett from the marlins we have mike lowell who is hitting....jd drew showed he can hit (at least vs. the diamondbacks)....and ortiz has a .333 avg....

    as an never know who will step up for each game...but more often than not some player steps up...hinske won us a game...jd drew had 7 RBIS in the 1st game at arizona....jason varitek had all 3 RBIS in the 2nd game at arizona...pena won us a game by hitting a grand slam vs. baltimore....

    wakefield has had 7 scoreless tonight....and we've given him 1 run of run support.....

    as individuals i'd say 04 was better..but as a team 07 i think is better....and who knows who'll win the world series...but i'm a sox fan....

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    no there is no way that the 07' Red Sox are better then the World Series winning 2004 Red Sox. i mean yeah you probly have better offense then the 04' Sox, but i will surprise you and say they had much better ptiching and defense in 04'. in 04' you had a much better Curt Schilling and a dominate Pedro. yes you may have Dice-K right know but he hasnt proven himself in a really importnat game and he may crumble under presure. im giving the Sox a 1% chance to win the World Series this year just because of how strong the American League is this year and because they lack the big game pitching that the 04' Red Sox had.

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    yeah they are. when the red sox won the world series i think that alot of it to do with the fact that it was just time for the curse to be over. i dont think this years team will win the world series though

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    Offense: A little better, more speed with Coco Crisp, Julio Lugo

    Defense: A Little worse, with Lugo at Short, and Coco Crisp in center

    Pitching: whole lot better with the exception of Wakefield

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    Yes, i think they are a much better team all around, offensively and defensively. Plus there starting pitching and there bullpen are unbelievable. Redsox all the way, we fans will be able to enjoy another victory.. Then we will get to watch are beloved Patriots win yet another super bowl...

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    I would have to say that judging by their record they are definitely better. However, lately they aren't playing like it. I'd say that they have a solid chance of winning another World Series. Beckett is on fire!

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    Yes, 2007 is better. Deeper quality starters, better hitting. If they can stay healthy, they should be favored to win it all.

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    Time will tell, it's still early.

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    yes, dicek was the answer.

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