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AJ Burnett is available should I get him and drop D-Train?

My pitching staff was solid earlier this season and now I have falled to 2nd place. Key down turn is D-Train and Jeff suppan. My other pitchers include Johan Santana, John Smoltz, Ted Lilly, Chris Young, Homer Bailey, and Mark Buerhle. My relievers are Wagner and Al Reyes. Other then some weakness in Out Fielder position, I think my pitching has caused me to lose points. With Chipper out at 3rd, Mauer out as Catcher, I had to make some temp pickup. (adrian gonzalez and troy glaus) Uggla is my 2B, Hanley Ramirez is my SS and I got at 1B Victor Martinez

My OF are Tori Hunter, Shane Victorino, Hunter Pence, Sosa, and Thome as Util.. Any help would be appreciated.


Okay just to Pat Neshek is available as probably the middle reliever and I think Suppan and D-Train should go for AJ. Getting rid of Sosa, I though of that but Endy Chavez got hurt and I need someone really good. Andruw Jones, Raul Ibanez, Xavier Nady, Randy Win,Cameron, Matsui are available but also a good 1b in Carlos Pena. Thanks

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    That's a toss up. It all depends on what you need. D-Train gets more wins than Burnett, but his ERA is a lot higher, plus he only has baout half the Ks of A.J.

    You already have good pitchers, so I'm assuming you're solid with wins, ks, and ERA. So I'd take A.J. just because the onyl stat he's down in his wins, and it's only by 2.

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    First off, put Victor Martinez in at catcher and LEAVE him there. Joe Mauer is tremendous trade bait for a good closer.

    Martinez is a stud at catcher but not as productive as most first basemen. The only reason to play him at first is as a backup when your regular 1B has a day off. I do not think it would be wise to keep both catchers. Trade Mauer (look for the owner of Ramon Hernandez).

    Go get AJ Burnett. Look at his strikeout totals.

    I would think twice about keeping Mark Buehrle. The White Sox are playing poorly; the only thing he offers is Wins (and very few of them). Strikeouts are almost non-existent with Buehrle.

    I like Hunter Pence, good job getting him. Victorino is quietly getting stolen bases. Look to get another thumper for the outfield. If you are able to pickup Brandon Inge (3B of the Tigers) you can trade Glaus for a big outfield bat. Don't be scared of Inge's first month of the season. Look at his recent batting average and power. Good Luck!

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    Don't drop D-Train, but Burnett should definitely be owned.

    Drop Suppan. He had a few weeks earlier in the year where he got lucky. Don't expect that from him.

    If you had no other pitching options, I could see keeping Suppan, but if you can drop him and get Burnett you should.

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    Haha, I had a feeling that this question regarded extensive-unfold. it truly is wonderful, I did that too different than it replaced into the SNY community. Now, i could choose for A.J reason i think of the Yankees could have lost that interest if it wasn't for him pitching so nicely. i think of the Yankees could have nonetheless gained the CC interest if he permit up a pair of runs.

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    I would drop Suppan for Burnett right away. You should also drop Sosa and pick up somebody better.

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    If you were smart, trade D-TRAIN, his name has a lot of value. Get someone you need.

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