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Dale Jr coming to Hendricks Motor Sports?

He will be doing a press conference tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11am.

As a #24 and #48 fan...I'm excited !!!

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    If it true then JR now has no excuse for not winning 5 races next year, he's going to have the car does the have the talent.

  • tamayo
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    4 years ago

    His first factors race win replaced into Michigan in 2008, even regardless of the undeniable fact that his first win with Hendrick replaced into the 2008 Bud Shootout(you have been close Griz, he gained his twin Qualifier as properly) at Daytona.

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    I am not a big fan of junior, I am a big fan of his dad so I decided to stick with his car after he died and I now root for Harvick (I named my dog Harvick). Even though junior isn't my number 1 driver I have always wanted him to succeed. If it is true, he has joined the "evil empire" of Nascar (no i am not a Redsox fan either) though it does remind me of Johnny Damon leaving the sox for the Yankees. I do think he will lose a lot of fans because of this, but not enough that he loses his most popular driver status. For me, he will join Gordon, Johnson, Rousch Racing and the Busch brothers as the drivers that I boo at the racetrack. As for the die-hard Dale Sr. fans, us RCR fans welcome you back with open arms.

  • Anonymous
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    Hendrick eumors are bogus, he will announce a 3 year contract with Ginn Racing.

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    of a #24 fan and i am definitely excited to hear what he says...but what sucks is that kyle busch might not be with us next year...i like him too

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    good for your team i guess...

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