Should I take my National Dean's List nomination seriously?

I just recieved something in the mail that I was nominated for the National Dean's List. I filled out the application since it didn't cost anything (making me think it was legit) but then when I hit submit it showed me all this stuff I should buy. I've done a search on it and have only come up with mixed views on whether it is a scam or not. I've already sent in an application and if my name gets published I may or may not buy the book...but I just want to know if this is something worth putting on an application to another university or anything?

By the way, I've been inducted into Phi Theta Kappa which is another honors society (they were the ones that nominated me for this Deans list thing), been offered to take honors classes at my college, and I have a high GPA so if this is for real I'd like to know if it should be taken seriously.

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    Yes, it is a scam. I've had students that are failing out of university receive nominations for the National Dean's List.

    In other words, a nomination means nothing.

    All professors know (and if they don't, they should) that this is a scam. Please don't put NDL on ANY applications or resumes.

    Source(s): I've seen this a hundred times. Gah.
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    While some say that having all of those honors really makes a difference- it doesnt. No one in the real job market really cares what you did in college, what clubs you were in or what honors you had. Having the degree in hand is most important factor in getting a job. For first time grads having a decent GPA on your resume wont hurt, but some companies (like google) that used to use that as a requirement dont anymore. It would be better to have a high GPA on your resume if you are competing against a lot of other new grads for the same job. But really, the same thing goes for college as it did for highschool- employers dont care about your "accomplishments" in school. I have heard that some prestigious jobs such as high powered law firms and "old-money" companies do look at your college life as a whole, I wouldnt be worried about it- if your getting into those jobs you probably know someone or are tied-in anyways.

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    If they don't require money then it's not a scam. Since you don't have to buy the book (and I suggest you do not) then it should be okay. As for putting on your resume, it's okay to do so when you're young and inexperienced as you'll have little listed on your resume, you'll need all the help you can get. But as you get older racking up work experience you'll want to drop those type of insignificant things off as it appears amateurish.

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    Yeah, it's just a scam to get you to buy a big book with your name in it. I wouldn't bother buying it or putting it on an application.

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    It's not a scam, per se...your name will get published in a book, but you will have to buy the book!! That happened to me too, except it was a "Who's Who" thing...

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    the only honors society which matters is phi BETA kappa.

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    You betcha take it seriously and it looks great on resumes as well.

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