male, @64,after shoulder surg lost use of r diaphragm.Ways 2 help have diaphragm return to use?short fo breath

Saw pulmologolist.exercises did not change diaph. humidity also causes problems breathing. Air conditioning a must. Thanks


shoulder replaced 1-04. also passed huge blood clot to lungs 1 wk before surgery. had block not GA.Heart basically OK. L.Hand tingles/some numbness. sees cardiologist echo cardigram.coughs a lot of phlegm;overweight stomach area.drinks a lot of milk! some water;nothingelse.former dairy farmer!bad back & kees. knee replacement not successful.

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    Get off all dairy products, especially milk as this causes a lot of congestion and mucus in your respiratory track. Here is a milk Detox .

    Detox From Milk: Seven Days

    Can you maintain this most important change in your life for just seven days? That is your challenge and goal, for during that seven day period of abstaining from all milk and dairy, one gallon of mucus will be expelled from your kidneys, spleen, pancreas, and other internal organs. If you still eat cheese, ice cream, milk chocolate, and yogurt, your one-week experience will be as if an internal fog has been dispersed from inside of you. Most people successfully weaning themselves from all milk and dairy products immediately observe dramatic physical and emotional changes. Better sleep, more energy, fewer mood swings, more sexual energy. Just seven days to a new you. Take the challenge. Your body will thank you. So will those who care most about you. If you are daring enough, or doubting enough to think that your new feelings are mere coincidence, plan a pizza party with ice cream for dessert after your seven day milk-fast. Remember the good and bad feelings, for in 15 hours after your dairy feast, the famine of bad feelings returns. Say "Notmilk!" to every "Got Milk?" ad. Robert Cohen, author of: MILK A-Z

    Also I recommend a program "Body Flex" excellent for breathing as well as exercising.

    Source(s): Nutritionist Consultant
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    Did this person have a shoulder block prior to surgery?? How long have these symptoms been going on?

    Did you have an underlying pulmonary problem prior to the surgical procedure. Shoulder surgery especially if it was for a rotator cuff repair take several hours and the recovers is several months.

    If you are just a day or 2 out of surgery it is not unusual for you to have the feeling of not being able to catch your breath especially if you did have the shoulder block. That feeling goes away as the block wear off.

    Please provide more info so I can answer you better

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    Really, all you can do is either wait for the nerve to heal (if it was stretched) or grow together again. My bet is there was stretching, rather than dissection. Give it 6 months, and if it doesn't get better, consult a cardiothoracic surgeon for reanastamosis (surgical reconnection of the nerve) surgery.

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