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Do you think that women's liberation and gender equality have contibuted to a rise in U.S. obesity and how?



Update 2:

Some people seem to have assumed that the asker is antifeminist, I find this curous.

I don't see how Spurlock's hypothesis negates the question above, in fact it might support it.

Since when do you need to cite sources to make a query? If I were making an assertion that would be a different matter--Also, since when is yahoo answers a peer reviewed academic journal--I thought it was something more informal.

Some of the answerers that respond with a categorical no and segue to an accusation that the asker lacks critical thinking apparently themselves are lacking in a sense of irony.

Update 3:

Allegra, did I suggest I believed it to be the sole or even the primary cause?

Update 4:

Rio madeira and Juniper women make good points.

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  • Junie
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    1 decade ago
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    Perhaps in some ways. I'm a stay-at-home mom. My family eats pretty healthfully, and a huge part of that is that I'm able to cook a "real" dinner every night. I think that kids who have a parent around after school might also be less likely to become obese, simply because someone is monitoring their food choices and activities. That's not to say it's impossible for working moms to cook healthy meals, but realistically, they might be too exhausted to do anything but pick up some fast food. I also get more exercise chasing toddlers than I would at a desk job. I imagine the stress of trying to "balance" everything might lead some people to overeat, as well.

    EDIT: Scientific evidence? Well, a recent study links teenage obesity to excesive TV viewing. Excessive TV viewing is linked to not having a parent around. "Women's Liberation" , in some ways, is also "linked" to not having a parent around after school. Connect the dots yourself.

    EDIT: I disagree that it is "obviously" a correlational argument ONLY. If the average two-adult family now works 80 hours a week instead of 40, as a result (partially!) of women being encoraged into the workforce, and that lack of time means more fast food, then it's a valid point.

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  • 1 decade ago

    According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these are the contributing factors to US obesity:

    -Body weight is the result of genes, metabolism, behavior, environment, culture, and socioeconomic status.

    1) Fast Food: Pre-packaged foods, fast food restaurants, and soft drinks are more accessible than in the past. They also tend to be high in fat, sugar, and calories.

    2) Portion Size has also increased: People may be eating more during a meal or snack because of larger portion sizes.

    3) Lack of Exercise: Most Americans are sedentary. Technology has created many time and labor saving products. Some examples include cars, elevators, computers, dishwashers, and televisions.

    4) Public Schools: School breakfast and lunch programs can be high in fat, calories, and added sugars. Quality daily physical education is lacking.

    5) Home Life: Many families watch TV or play on a computer, instead of doing anything involving movement.

    6) Work Life: Many people work in an office, instead of performing a job involving physical activity.

    7) Prescription Drugs: Drugs such as steroids and some antidepressants may also cause weight gain.

    8) Genetics: Genes can directly cause obesity in disorders such as Bardet-Biedl syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome.

    9) Community: People use to walk or bike to the store, now people live in suburbs far from work, play or commerce.

    Here's the CDC article on the contributing factors to obesity:


    -The CDC did not mention women's liberation or gender equality affecting US obesity.

    -I do not see how either have a thing to do with US obesity.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think you have a valid point to make, but you are going to have to fill in some gaps. People are eating more restaurant /commercially prepared food than home cooking. This change in eating patterns has contributed to obesity. But how do you tie in women's liberation?

    Bear in mind this is an academic section, so citing some sources is a good idea.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are lots of reasons for obesity. Eating out is definitely more fattening than eating at home. The model family of the 60's is gone, the wife no longer plans meals for the family as she used to do.

    Now both husband and wife have to work to afford the increases in income taxes. Used to be that the whole family could live on one income. Now one member has to work just to pay the taxes.

    It's true that feminism has hurt women a lot, but I'm not sure how obesity fits into the picture except for indirectly perhaps.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Er...no....that is a crazy idea.

    What is true is that obesity rates are now increasing disproportionately in both children - and men.

    You are liikely to see more pot-bellies and man-breasts at the beach this summer...

    brrrrr... *shudders involuntarily*

    Good work, guys. Have another triple McFatburger. Enjoy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No. I believe that the rise of the fast-food establishment, the lack of nutrition education, the poor state of the nation's cafeterias, and corporate agriculture have contributed to a rise in U.S. obesity.

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  • Croa
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    1 decade ago

    Oh yes.

    Feminism (Women's Lib is SOO 1980s) also caused a sharp rise in Ingrown Toenails, Intestinal Worms and Foot in Mouth disease.

    Gotta love that LOGIC!

    Good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    It doesn't matter what 'you think', unless there is scientific evidence to support your line of reasoning. And ... that reasoning must also address/explain any contradictory scientific evidence.

    "This is what I think" or "This is how I feel" are public admissions of a failure to think critically. Reasoned arguments in medicine and/or biology begin with documented facts and/or evidence. Thinking is applied to them.

    So ... what evidence do you have that 'women's liberation and gender equality have contributed to a rise in U.S. obesity'?

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    No. Morgan Spurlock has already explained why Americans are so fat. Watch Supersize me if you really want to understand this and not just want to blame yet another dumb thing on feminists.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes. It surely couldn't have anything to do with our country's excessive number of cars, factory-farming methods, glut of processed and chemically enhanced foods, and insane desire for speed and efficiency at the cost of quality.

    But congratulations. The name of the fallacy you've just committed is called the "false-cause fallacy": http://philosophy.lander.edu/logic/cause.html .

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