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How many hours of Continuing Legal Education are required yearly for attorneys in the state of Arkansas?

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    3.(A) Every member of the Bar of Arkansas, except as may be

    otherwise provided by these rules and, excepting those

    attorneys granted voluntary inactive status by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct, shall complete 12 hours of approved continuing legal education during each reporting period as defined by Rule 5.(A) below. Of those 12 hours, at least one hour shall be ethics, which may include professionalism as defined by Regulation 3.02. In addition, an attorney or judge may carry over accredited hours in accord with the provisions of Rule 5.(A), including one hour of ethics which may be carried forward to the succeeding reporting period.

    Source(s): Arkansas CLE board regulations website
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    each and each state's bar association contraptions the continued criminal practise (CLE) standards for its contributors. If the requirement is 24 hours, then the lawyer could take the equivalent style of credit in the time of the reporting era. some states assign credit consistent with a a million-credit in line with hour foundation, others apportion credit in any different case. for example, an ethics direction on small prepare administration might furnish 4.5 credit for a 4 hour seminar.

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